Hunting is known as an adventure that needs to be well studied and have deep knowledge about before one can venture into it. It is needed that one get as much information as possible, and be very practical about the information, else, the discrepancy will occur. This article will be telling us some practical tips that can be followed to have successful hunting because one of the most frustrating scenarios is when one goes for hunting without having anything to show for it.  So a hunter, most especially the beginner is expected to pay attention to the following tips and put them into practice to have successful hunting with less or no injury. So join me as we look into these helping tips


The major determinant of success is good and adequate preparation. So, if you want to have successful hunting indeed, you are expected to have all your tools ready to avoid any form of disappointment when you get to the bush for hunting. Always remember that the absence of any of your tools may render all your effort useless. So get yourself very prepared.


In case you do not have much idea on your destination before you even step out of your house, you should have the map of the exact place where you want to hunt and study it in detail. Study it to know both the entry and exit routes very well in case of any unexpected development. Also while studying the map, you are expected to study the wind direction of the area to manage every sound you will be making in the area. The study of the map will make you know how to go about in the area and have a better grip on your prey.


The best time to hunt is very early in the morning because these animals will be relaxing by then. Hunt them between the hours of 5amand6am. Most of these animals are nocturnal animals,and they are very active at night, but you as a hunter cannot see very clearly at night, even if you make use of touch light, you still can’t see like them. This has given them an upper hand, so endeavor to hunt them early in the morning. Another reason why you should hunt them early in the morning is that using touch light to hunt some games in some areas is prohibited.


You should not just-just be running on any animals you see, as this makes you lose more preys, you should rather keep calm and strategize on how you are going to track the animal down.This is major to avoid noise, as you know that these animals are also living organisms that have sense organs like an ear that can detect any sound they hear. Alsothy have a brain that will tell them the right thing to do. So the best thing you have to do is to make sure that you don’t allow them to be aware of your presence till the time you will shoot them with a suitable weapon in your hand. This is the more reason why it is more preferable to run on the road than in the bush because running in the bush will attract noise which may scare the animals away. Remember that if you scare animals, they will run for 150-200m before they stop running.

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Once you have spotted an animal, it is very imperative to ensure a good and recommended distance between you and the animal to ensure instant killing. This good distance you maintain gives you good visibility; it makes you be able to see the animal very well and know where exactly to shoot in its body to have an instant killing. At the same time, it enables your bullet to penetrate properly into the body of the prey because good accuracy is well maintained. And once you shoot a game and you discover that it doesn’t die within a few minutes, know that you have to shoot it again before it dies properly.


Some animals may not die at first shot, and if they are rugged they will want to run from the spot where they were shot. Animals like this may be very dangerous when wounded, so when looking for them to know if they are dead or not, you have to be very careful. They will be very aggressive,and if they should spot you at that point, they will fight back. Animal-like snow bear is a perfect example, so why following wounded animals, you have to be very vigilant and be at alert when following them, to avoid you regretting the action of shooting them in the first place, and to avoid them missing your shot this time around.


It is very interesting to go hunting and be able to come back with one or two games. But it is devastating to come back with none. That is why; it is good for you to look out for the above tips to have successful hunting with less injury.