If you are remotely familiar with the mobile app development sector, you would know ‘React Native’ is immensely popular and for the right reasons. It is cross-platform, open-source, and is created and managed by Meta Platforms. 

The framework is powerful, flexible, and easy to work with irrespective of the business size and scale. However, this blog is likely to focus on how the framework works in favor of startups and entry-level businesses. 

So, check out these reasons before you hire dedicated React Native developers and get started with your project! 

Why Should Startups Choose React Native for Mobile App Development? 

Businesses of different scale and size have to adopt unique development approaches for efficient results. For instance, a startup may not have high budget and need ways to develop the app cost-efficiently without compromising its quality. 

There can be a number of constraints with a startup as they are still in the initial phase of setting up their business. For such cases, how React Native is a better option, let’s look at that! 

Cross-platform development saves time 

React Native is one of the most popular Cross-platform technologies present today. About 90% of the code is sharable across multiple platforms like Windows, iOS, and Android. The rest of the components can be built natively as per the demand of the project. 

Since majority of codes can be shared when building mobile apps, React Native experts can quickly develop applications. Startups can take more projects and deliver them on time because of this. 

Faster time to market 

A lot of efforts goes into creating and launching a product in application stores successfully – Planning, designing, development, testing, & launch. With features like code reusability, the development time is already shortened. 

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Furthermore, startups can shorten the time to market with React Native. The platform enables you to create an MVP (minimum viable product) for your clients and launch them to the store. The performance of the application can be analyzed further and newer features can be launched in different releases going forward. 

This help startups launch applications readily and quickly. Weather they are publishing their own app or building an app for their clients, the shorter time is an added benefit. 

Open-source community of contributors 

As per a Statista report, React Native has been the most popular and preferred cross-platform framework for two straight years (2019 & 2020). As for 2021, it is the second most popular framework the same report suggest. 

It has over 70.5K followers in Reddit and over 93.7 K stars in Github. Evidently, React Native boasts a pretty large community of developers. Thus, you get plenty of help for your projects. Whether it is a development query or fixing an error, the community developers can assist you in all of these ventures. 

Third-party integrations can be seamless 

To improve an application’s usability and performance, you may need to integrate third-party tools for social proof, CRM, ERP, and more. React Native is an excellent framework that makes these integrations effortless. Such tools can be added easily to your app as React Native extends support for that. 


You can develop applications for multiple platforms with a single codebase in React Native. Unlike native applications where you have to develop separate applications for each platform.

Being a startup, you may have budget constraints. But, you need to launch your app for audiences of various platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, etc. to stand out. In such a time, a cross-platform app is the most cost effective option. 

Improved security & stability 

With security features like data encryption, React Native is a highly secure and stable platform to develop cross-platform mobile apps. Thus, startups don’t have to ponder upon security issues as long as they have efficient React Native programmers to implement these features 

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Readily available developers 

There are plenty of qualified resources that you can find from various channels. When you hire React Native developers, you don’t have to struggle finding skilled individuals. There are plenty of React Native experts who can help you with your project. 

Moreover, if you are availing React Native development services from a company, you may consider different engagement options. For instance, choosing to work with remote React Native developers can work favorably for you. You can hire a remote developer in comparatively lower budget and reduce your development costs substantially. 

Easy maintenance & management 

Whether it is updating your React Native app or maintaining it from time to time for security purposes, React Native is a suitable option. Most of the codes written for React Native apps are shared, so any changes will also reflect accordingly. 

Unlike native apps, developers don’t have to bother making changes for each platform individually. This provides immense flexibility to developers and they have a better time managing and updating codes. 


A startup may have time-constraints or budget constraints. But, they have to develop sustainable and quality software solution to leave their mark in the industry. And React Native is a way to ensure that. Its cross-platform compatibility, reusable components, encrypted data security, and large community support ensures startups have a better time developing mobile apps. 


React Native is popular for so many reasons – code reusability, cross-platform support, third-party integrations, huge community, and more! And there are plenty of other reasons that assure startups can benefit most with React Native framework in picture. Read here to learn more! 

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