Pregnancy is the most joyous time in a couple’s life, apart from their wedding day. But for the lady, it also brings annoying symptoms like back pain, nausea, and fatigue. Sadly, the journey into motherhood cannot be undertaken without these symptoms. Let’s read out how a prenatal chiropractor can help. 

When a woman is pregnant, her body undergoes numerous physical and physiological changes. And all these changes happen to create a healthy environment for the baby to grow. While sometimes these changes cause general pain and discomfort, sometimes they can lead to severe complications like breech birth and C-section delivery.

A chiropractor can help a pregnant woman by reducing some pregnancy symptoms. They can also help the mother gain from healthy pregnancy and birth results.

What is chiropractic care?

Chiropractic care involves a chiropractor use of hands-on spinal manipulation and other related treatments to treat back pain. This practice’s foundational idea is that properly aligning the body’s musculoskeletal structure, particularly the spine, will help the body heal without medication or surgery. These manipulations aim to restore a joint’s mobility that was cramped due to injuries or stress.

The primary use of chiropractic treatments is to alleviate pain in muscles, bones, joints, and even connective tissues like ligaments, cartilage, and tendons. Sometimes doctors even suggest chiropractic care with mainstream medical treatment.

Is it safe to visit a chiropractor during pregnancy?
Is it safe to visit a chiropractor during pregnancy?

Is it safe to visit a prenatal chiropractor during pregnancy?

Chiropractic practice is standard these days. Due to its high pain-alleviation, doctors recommend several pregnant patients to undergo gentle chiropractic treatment. There is a specialized pregnancy chiropractor who works only with pregnant patients. If you search on Google any prenatal chiropractor near me, you will find dozens of them. However, there are certain situations under which chiropractic treatment may not be suggested.

Before visiting a prenatal chiropractor in Winnipeg, make sure to talk to your doctor and get their approval. Chiropractic care is inadvisable to pregnant women if they experience:

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● Placenta previa or placenta abruption

● Vaginal bleeding

● Moderate to severe toxemia

● Ectopic pregnancy

All licensed chiropractors are given training to treat pregnant patients. But it is still advised to consult a pregnancy chiropractor only. When you visit a chiropractor, do remember to ask them if they have specialized in this field or ask your doctor to recommend one.

What are the benefits of visiting a prenatal chiropractor?

During the entire pregnancy period, a woman faces several symptoms like back pain and nausea. Experts have found that prescribed chiropractic care can relieve pregnant women of these symptoms and help during pregnancy.

Some benefits are:

Reduce Nausea

No pregnant lady can avoid nausea or morning sickness. It is one of the most common pregnancy symptoms, and when it kicks in, patients can’t seem to shake it off at all. When you couple this with the thought of bearing morning sickness for the next couple of months, it can cause a lot of stress. A chiropractor will help you reduce nausea and vomiting by realigning your spine and boost your nervous system function. It results in patient’s hormones achieving a healthy balance to alleviate the severity of morning sickness.

In case the nausea is triggered by constipation or heartburn, a prenatal chiropractor near me can help immensely. They will work to improve your digestion and lessen constipation or heartburn to reduce nausea.

Easier Labor and delivery

No pregnant woman wants painfully long labor and delivery. There are so many complications that can lead to a challenging birthing process. To achieve short labor and delivery, chiropractic care can help a long way. Research has shown that chiropractic adjustments throughout pregnancy lead to reduced labor and delivery time. A regular chiropractic session can help ensure the pelvis, hips, and spine are properly aligned, and the nervous system is optimal. The nerves are responsible for contractions and dilating the cervix during labor and delivery. When you have optimal nervous health, you can experience faster labor and easier delivery, with less pain and discomfort.

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Overcome back pain

As the day’s countdown to the delivery date, your body prepares itself by producing relaxin hormone. It relaxes and loosens the ligaments and joints in the pelvic region. The process can cause instability and pain in the spine as the supporting ligaments are now much looser and fragile. A pregnancy chiropractor can adjust the spine and pelvic region to relieve joint, neck, and back pain. As the fetus grows inside the womb, the mother’s center of gravity shifts and leads to posture adjustments. The back tends to curve further back as the belly protrudes, and the pelvis might misalign.

A study even showed that 75% of participants reported alleviated pain after continuous sessions of chiropractic care.

Better baby positioning

Sometimes a baby is not in the state to be delivered head first at the time of labor. The condition is known as breech position and can lead to complications like cord prolapsed, C-section delivery, or highly arduous vaginal delivery. Repeated sessions under chiropractic care during pregnancy will help patients keep healthy pelvic stability. It will give the baby enough room to move head-first in the correct delivery position. Chiropractors use a technique that involves making certain pelvic adjustments to eliminate sacral subluxation. It also improves the nervous system functioning in the patient’s pelvis region.

Overall healthy pregnancy

Prenatal chiropractic care is aimed at addressing and removing nerve obstructions in the spine. These obstructions prevent the organs and the immune system from functioning at an optimal level. The healthier and stronger a mother’s immune system, the healthier and stronger the baby’s immune system will be at the time of birth. It will also lessen the chances of symptoms and lead to a safer and more comfortable pregnancy.

Final thoughts

Pregnancy and motherhood is a truly marvelous time in a woman’s life. It comes with its long list of pain and suffering, but there are ways to lessen them. And prenatal chiropractic care is one way. You can find the best prenatal chiropractor near me at Daye Chiropractic. They are an expert in prenatal and postnatal chiropractic care, and you can be assured to get the best treatment in the region.