Are you interested in knowing more about history of Casino Gaming? Do you want to get some reliable useful facts and advice that are actually worth your time? If your answer is affirmative then reading ahead is the right thing to do. Your search for learning more about these wonderfully fun and catchy online games begins.

Let’s take it step-by-step and start with the beginning of it all. It’s always important and nice to know at least a bit of history about the things we care about. 

The First Slot Machine Known By The World 

The first slot machine known by the world was invented by a San Francisco mechanic, named Charles D. Fey. Together with Gustav Friedrich Wilhelm Schultze and Theodore Holtz, he started a company that worked with electrical equipment and telephones. 

In the history of Casino Gaming, the first slot machine was invented in 1893 called the “Horseshoe slot machine” and in 1895 an incredibly popular modified version of it was invented by Fey. Three years later, in 1898, he designed the most popular slot machine of its time, called the “Liberty Bell Slot Machine”. 

Ever since then, slot games undoubtedly have improved a lot. An example of an advanced and refreshing improvement we can enjoy nowadays is the graphics with music within it. Interestingly, the game itself still has mostly similar patterns and it pretty much looks and offers the same vibe as the first one. Oldies but goldies, without any doubt. 

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Games All Over The World

Millions of people are playing various games all over the world. Because of their catchiness, these enjoyable and very much entertaining casino games are simply delightful. However, in the 21st century, online slots have many different variations and can get fairly complex. No worries though, in this article we’ll get to the bottom of how to make the online slots world accessible even for complete beginners.

If you check the history of Casino Gaming, every year there is the Global Gaming Expo, which is a showcase exhibition just for the casino gaming industry. If gamers are reading this article and are interested in the iGaming industry, think of gaming conventions like E3 Expo. Usually, when G2E happens (Global Gaming Expo) the most focus of the exhibition is the slot category where developers showcase their newest games, hardware, and newest slot cabinets for these particular types of games.

These exhibitions are more and mean more than just fun slots. They can also be interpreted as an opportunity for business meetings between manufacturers and developers. Operators or those who are into the casino business get to see modern player elements like ergonomic seatings, 4K graphics, USB charging ports into slot cabinets for phone charging, and so on. Thus, most importantly, they can meet the direct manufacturers and discuss their business and how to improve it. Also, at this type of gatherings, operators can find new useful solutions like advanced casino systems that can be installed in a land-based casino. 

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In 2019 IGT has showcased an advanced casino management system which is an electronic ecosystem for the slot floor of a B&M casino that offers a modern and simplified interface with many benefits for the player. 

We had mentioned the online slots category, but no worries because the perks of these exhibitions are that they also offer solutions for the online part of the casino gaming. 

New slot categories or when a new game is around, it is first introduced to a land-based casino, but if the casino operator also has an online platform, the developers already have in their game portfolio games that are available online.   

Did You Know?

There are plenty of online slots demos available. Thus, to warm up and get familiar with the vibe and the thrill of this type of online entertainment, it would be a good idea to start with a free demo game.  

We should be thorough enough when it comes to choosing a reliable online casino. The Uk Gambling Commission regulates the gambling market but because there are so many of them we might stumble upon some shady ones too. Thus, verify you choose a casino that has a license issued within the legal rights of this organization. 

In the end, online slots are all about excitement and having a good time. The best way to approach playing online slots is by doing it strictly for this purpose. Thus, what are we waiting for? Let’s start having some fun!