Why Do Betting Sites Like Betfair and William Hill Give Free Bet? 

Websites like Betfair and William Hill are online gambling channels that are focused on the sports betting industry. Sites like them can also offer free bet and other forms of gambling, but they try to attract new clients for their sport betting channels. How? Well, they use offers and bonuses. The most used method for this industry is free bets that allow you to bet without a stake for a specific amount. 

But not anyone can make use of these offers. There are two types of offers, and each one is made for a different category of players. 

  • New player bonuses. Most online casinos use this marketing strategy to attract new players for the games that they want to popularize. For sports betting, the most popular type of bonuses and offers are free bets. To be eligible for them, you need to create a new account at the casino. Most of the time, you will also need to deposit a certain amount of money and accomplish other requirements. Keep in mind that only the first account of any player it’s eligible for these offers. Most websites have measures set in place to stop those that try to abuse these offers. For example, one of the standard methods is to check the payment method used. One card can only be used once for these offers. 
  • Current players bonuses. Besides acquiring new players, online betting websites also use offers to ensure that their current players continue to use their casinos instead of switching for another one. These offers also have requirements that you need to meet. The requirements differ from casino to casino and from offer to offer. So, it is difficult to find the same offer that has the same conditions at all casinos. For this reason, you should use some specialized sites to find the betting website that has the best offers and bonuses for you. 

Should You Use the Free Bets Given by Betfair? 

Betfair is one of the top online betting sites from the UK. The offer used for new players is available only for players that live in the UK and Ireland. The offer is easy to understand. You need to make 5 bets with a stake of at least 10 £ to get a free one with a 20£ stake. And you can repeat this process 5 times. So, the maximum value of this bonus is 100£. To be eligible for this offer, you need to meet 3 requirements. 

  • Create a new account. As mentioned above, to be eligible for these types of bonuses, you need to create a new account at the betting website. Do not try to cheat by setting more than one account to abuse this offer because it is impossible. If you use your card for more than one account, then you will be disqualified. Also, any bets that are made with cash from deposits made from Skrill and Neteller will not qualify for this offer. More precisely, these bets will not give you the bonus. If you want to make use of more sign-up offers, then you can check William Hill.
  • Use the code. While creating your account, you will have the option to introduce a promo code. To make use of this offer, then you need to add ZBBC01 as the promo code. If you do not enter it, then the website will consider that you do not want to use the offer, and you will not get any free bets. This method is used by the website to allow new players to choose if they want the bonus or not because not everyone wants it. 
  • Place bets with odds bigger than 1.5. Not every bet is eligible for this offer. Besides the 10£ stake, you must also ensure that your odds are higher than 1.5. keep in mind that multiple bets are excluded from this offer. Only basic bets are allowed, and free bets are not included in the count. You only have 30 days to make use of this offer before it expires, and the rest of your gambles will not count anymore. The stake of a single bet can be higher than 10£, but it will only count as one bet. So, you can’t place one 50£ bet and get the free one in one go. 
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Is the Offer Given by William Hill Better for You? 

Another offer that will give you free bets is used by William Hill. It is another big name in the online gambling industry. And you can find many gambling methods at this online casino. Right now, it tries to attract new clients for their sports betting. So, they created an offer for new customers. Although you will only get 30£ in stakes, the amount that you need to deposit is also much smaller. To make sure of this offer, then you need to meet similar conditions to those imposed by Betfair. But there are some differences as well. 

  • Promo code. The first difference is the promo code that you need to use. When you create the account, you need to introduce P30 in the box. Otherwise, you will not be eligible for the bonus. 
  • Deposit amount. Another difference is the fact that you only need to deposit 10£ and place a bet of the same amount in the sportsbook section of the website. Keep in mind that any stake smaller than this amount will not count, and the odds must be above 1.5. 
  • Deposit period. To be eligible for this offer, then you need to make the deposit on the same day in which you create your account. Otherwise, you will no longer be eligible for it. 

There are two other small details that you need to know. First, the free bets will be credited after your 10£ bet is settled. This is a safety measure to ensure that you won’t place bets on the same event using the bonus. Second, you need to use the free bets within 30 days. If you do not use them in this period, then the bonus will expire, and you will lose your bonus bets.