GMAT is an aptitude test conducted for the graduate students to study management course further. It is conducted to test the proficiency of students and to permit them to secure admissions in top colleges of the world. Many students today want to study further and hence they appear for the GMAT test. To pass this test, they should undergo GMAT prep to study better.  This test is conducted and administered by GMAC and it is a computer-based test.

About the GMAT test

This computer-based test is conducted for 3 and half hours and the students should attempt four main sections namely the integrated reasoning, verbal, quantitative and analytical reasoning. In each section, the students should prove their different skills.

In the analytical section, the students should prove their reasoning capacity by presenting their ideas, opinion or views along with evidence. They should basically present the ideas of an argument. They are just presented with a topic and they should complete this section in 30 minutes.

The students should then solve the integrated reasoning section answering 12 questions. They should attempt four sections that comprises of multi-source reasoning, two-part analysis, graphic interpretation, and table analysis. They should complete this section in half-an-hour.

The students should solve the quantitative section and solve 31 questions. They should solve two sections namely the data sufficiency and problem solving. In the first section, they should interpret the numerical data and then solve some problems. The section should be solved in 62 questions.

The last section is the verbal section consisting of 36 questions. They should attempt the three sections namely the critical reasoning, reading comprehension and sentence correction. This section should be completed in 65 minutes.

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The students should undergo rigorous GMAT prep to pass the test.

Preparation for GMAT

The students can join rigorous coaching and hence they can join different styles of classes.

They can join the classroom training program attending the 66-hour session and attend the unlimited doubt-clearing sessions. Then, they can secure the study material and learn the concepts deeply. The students can attend the webinars for 140 hours and study the concepts precisely. They can attend the full-length, mock test that is prepared with intensive research. The mentors prepare a detailed study plan and review the concepts.

The students can also join the live classes and study the pre-recorded video concepts. They can study the concepts deeply and understand them after securing the study material. They can attend the online full-length tests and sectional tests. Then, they require a dedicated study coach to track the progress of the students.

The online training is also beneficial to students and they can attend the 44 hours of HD videos. They can solve 400 questions step-by-step and attend 12 linear full-length tests. Then, they can prepare the detailed review of the concepts.

The students can join the private tutoring classes and arrange for 3000 practice problems for students. Then, the students can also join the online forums for discussion. They are provided with customizable calendar and schedule for AWA reviews. They can also join the free counseling session. The mentors can use the interactive analytics dashboards to access the progress of the students continuously.