Escape room games are a unique type of entertainment where players get immersed in a simulated environment and get to live a movie-like  experience in real time. The game’s concept goes like this: a team of players are locked inside a thematic room with 60 minutes to find a way to escape. And they have to solve puzzles, find clues, and decode hints to progress in the game and unlock the final door that will lead them out of the room.

But what adds more excitement to this straightforward concept is the integration of various themes and storylines into its scope. Brands around the world incorporate all kinds of themes into their escape rooms– some might be based on history, some might allude to popular movies or storybooks, while others might have their own original storylines. And where there is a plot, there are going to be characters. While playing an escape room, every player gets to step into the characters of the story and interact with the game from a protagonist’s point of view.


The first escape room was started in Japan, but it became a globally known industry with its growing popularity. Now, from Breakout escape rooms in India to The Basement in Los Angeles, escape rooms are all across the world, amounting to a staggering number of 10,000 in total. Escape rooms let you take on a different character- you can be a thief, a detective, a scientist, or a policeman. Most of the escape companies provide a large variety of themes for players to choose from. If you are looking for an interesting challenge, then here are some of the world’s best escape rooms.  

1. Escape Hunt  

This is one of the leading companies of escape rooms in the world. The global reach of Escape Hunt is evident with its several franchises spread across almost every continent. Each facility of the company carries their own unique escape experiences with distinctly different themes that vary from city to city. There’s Alice in Puzzleland in Manchester, Assassin in the Pub in Sydney, Mystery in the Mansion in Houston, and much more. You can check out their games if you travel to any of these cities: Oxford, Kingston, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool, Manchester, Dubai, Barcelona, Lisbon, Qatar, Bergen, Oslo, Paris, Belfort, Brisbane, and Melbourne. Their plethora of challenges will serve every action craving of yours.  


No. of players allowed: 2 to 6 people 

Required minimum age: 8 

2. Locked In 

It is a fascinating escape room brand that offers three different experiences with distinctive storylines and gameplays. In The Warehouse, you need to find clues to solve a conspiracy. The Laboratory revolves around the story of a deadly virus outbreak. The last theme, The Classroom, puts you to a tough test with cryptic riddles. The brand is also coming up with another game named The Battleship.  

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No. Of players allowed: 2 to 8 people 

Location: Birmingham, England  

3. The Escape Game Nashville 

This escape company is currently located in different cities across the state of Tennessee, offering a large variety of themes. Some of the themes such as The Heist, Prison Break, and Gold Rush are more generic ones. But the brand also offers unique experiences that include Mission Mars, Mysterious Market, and Forbidden Treasure. Although the Nashville escape rooms are top tier, this company has other awesome rooms in cities, including Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, Washington DC, Orlando, and New York.  


No. Of players allowed: 8 to 12 people 

Required minimum age: 13 

Location:  Berry Hill, Downtown, Orphy Mills 

4. Enigma Quests 

A magical world awaits you at Enigma Quests with three different challenges. School of Witchcraft and Wizardry will allow you to live the magical Hogwarts experience. The Million Pound heist and Submarine: Mission Break are the two other experiences offered. Even though there are no age restrictions, still children under 9 will find the games difficult.  


Brand name: Enigma Quests                                                                                                                                       

No. Of players allowed: 3 to 5 people 

Location: Finsbury, London 

5. ClueQuest 

This is one of the UK’s longest-running escape room companies. You can choose your themes from Plan52, Operation Blacksheep, Revenge of the Sheep, and CQ Origenes. These challenges will help to let your secret agent potential out. The brand also offers two VR escape games.   


No. Of players allowed: 2 to 6 people 

Location: Caledonian Road, London 

6. Sherlocked 

It is the number one escape room company in Amsterdam. It offers two experiences: The Architect follows the normal escape room concept where participants have to come out of the room within 60 minutes.  The Vault is quite the opposite, as you will have to ‘break in’ within 80 minutes. Due to its special concept, The Vault is known to be more popular among escapees. You can also choose to play both of them simultaneously.   


No. Of players allowed: 6 people 

Required minimum age: 14 

Location:  Amsterdam, Netherlands  


So that brings us to the end of the list of 6 best escape rooms around the world. If you get a chance to travel to any of these cities, do try out the escape rooms mentioned above. Each of them come with their distinct flavors of this classic recreation and you will definitely make some unforgettable memories on your trip with these games.

In case you get hooked to the adrenaline of escape rooms, here are some bonus suggestions that you can try out::  

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  • The Escape Room in Indianapolis offers two unique themes: Jailbreak and Heist. This place will not let your excitement down.  
  • The 13th gate escape in Louisiana is known for its scary and intensive challenges. They aim to give you a horror movie experience like the Saw or Silence of the Lambs. 
  • Trapology in Boston offers six themes varying from The Institute to The Retreat. If you prefer creepy and spooky rooms, then this will be your best spot.  
  • The Catacombs escape room in Paris locks you up underground. With helmets and headlights, you’ll have to complete the tasks. Thrilling and a little stressful, this will get your adrenaline pumping wildly.  
  • The Laboratory in Bunschoten is often ranked as the number one escape room in the Netherlands. This escape room is unique as they allow you to go to any room then choose the one that fits you.  
  • Claustrophilia in Budapest is a kid and family-friendly escape game. They offer two escape rooms, and their difficulty level is quite easy.  
  • Mr. X Mystery House in Shanghai has received excellent reviews for its amusing challenges and puzzles. You have to maneuver through lasers, decode riddles and climb ladders. It’s the most action-packed escape room.  
  • Roosevelt’s escape room in San Francisco is physically and mentally immersive. Their plot and storyline are second to none in the industry of escape rooms.  
  • Paradox Project 2: The Bookstore is a long game that extends for three hours. The objective is to solve the mystery and guess the outcome.  


And the list could go on forever since almost every escape brand in the world has something unique to offer to its visitors. While some local companies like breakout escape room koramangala offer unique themes based on local culture, history, and myths, some other brands might provide high-tech, futuristic escape experiences. So, even if you cannot travel far and away; chances are there is at least one fascinating escape facility near your location. Don’t hesitate to explore! 

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