Those devices you carry around in your pocket provide the perfect opportunity for puzzle game lovers. That is because mobile phones are easy to pick and play with, whenever you are free. If you seek a puzzle games for android phones to download, then you continue reading this piece;-

Logic Puzzles – Brain Teasers

Here is one of the best logic puzzles and brain teaser apps. The rule is pretty straightforward – drag the pieces and use them to form particular shapes. That said, the number of bits for every shape should match the ones provided. The puzzles come in packs of 50 or 80.

Luckily there are hints and answers to help you navigate. Interestingly, the app comes with two modes; the genius mode with limited moves and the relax mode with free moves and no time limit.

Your progress is automatically saved on the cloud. This way, you can sync your progress on all your devices. Plus, you can see how well you are doing against other players by accessing the leaderboard with Google Play Games.

Notably, the puzzles are free to play and be enjoyed offline. However, one will have to contend with the continual pop-ads. Or they can purchase the premium version for the most fluid experience, free of ads.


  • Free app with a premium option
  • Provides hints
  • Two game modes
  • Leaderboard

Nonogram – Logic Pic Puzzle – Picture Cross

Are you looking for a numbers game for adults? Then seek no more as you have found it. If you are already familiar with Sudoku and crosswords, then you will quickly get the hang of this game.

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Your role is to study the numbers at the ends of the rows and columns. Then use logic to fill the blocks and uncover the hidden picture. The quick in-game tutorial should get you started. Solve the puzzle wherever you are – no Wi-Fi needed.

This game will help you discover endless picture cross puzzle categories. The available packs and logic puzzle options available include popular animals, landmarks, and other everyday objects.


  • Daily challenges
  • Quick in-game tutorial
  • Auto-save feature
  • It does not require an internet connection
  • 3,300+ levels

Brain: Code – brain teasers | logic games | puzzle

This game app combines math riddles, logic puzzles, and mind games. There are more than 50 brain games to challenge, train, and educate your mind. You can choose to complete the puzzles solo or as a group.

The exciting part is there is no ultimate goal. Instead, your role is to solve the relationship between different facts, numbers, texts, or geometrical figures. All puzzles have different levels and demand that the player uses their analytical skills to recognize the pattern.

Luckily, you have up to 15 commands at your disposal. You can move, change views, and control in-game animations.


  • Up to 15 commands at your disposal
  • Ideal for both children and adults
  • 100% free
  • Multiple levels


Puzzle games for android phones help one relax and release all the negative energy associated with daily life challenges. For this reason, you must have at least one puzzle game app on your phone. Hopefully, you now know what apps to download and those to ignore.