CouchTuner or Couch Tunner is a popular streaming site that enables free HD streaming of content such as TV series and movies. Besides, you don’t need registration or an advertisement for enjoying your favorite shows. The interface of the Couch Tunner looks similar to 123Movies. However, you can easily recognize it by its color scheme and logo. Its home page is very simple and has only a search box to find your favorite TV shows. The header section of the website contains the important sections of the website. In this post, we will discuss some important aspects linked to the Couch Tunner. Let’s start!

Advantages of Using Couch Tuner

Couch Tuner has gained immense popularity for offering its several advantages. Below is the list of the main advantages of the website:

Widest Collection of TV Shows

If you love watching all the episodes of your favorite TV shows, Couch Tunner helps you to enjoy seamless TV shows in high-quality. However, it doesn’t mean that you will not find movies here. It has a huge database of over 10,000 HD movies. Furthermore, you can get more than 1700 TV shows with approximately 60,000 episodes. Above all, you can get all the content without spending a single penny.

To watch your favorite movies or shows, you can use the search box on the top of the website. Furthermore, the dedicated categories can help you to find the desired content with the utmost ease. Above all, you can use the filter of Couch Tunner such as years, genres, tags, popularity, networks, rating, and several others.

Latest Episodes Updated Daily

TV shows are the foremost priority of the Couch Tuner website. You can locate a section as “New Episodes” in the header section of the website. Using this section, you can find all the latest uploaded TV episodes without needing to wait for weeks. Couch Tunner sort the most popular TV shows and publish its link on the website. It enables you to watch the TV shows in the least time gap after the official release by their authoritative network. The streaming site uploads only HD movies and TV serials dubbed in English. If the content is in a foreign language, you can always find English subtitles for it.

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Free Streaming Without Ads

The most important thing about the Couch Tunner is that it offers all the content for free without needing you to watch annoying advertisements. However, it is not always the case due to dependency on third-party websites. Yet, Couch Tuner recommends everyone to use their preferred ad-blockers to get rid of the irritating ads and pop-ups. Despite the fact that Couch Tunner is a completely legal website, you can use a VPN to make your browsing experience completely secure. Using a VPN can also help when you are living in a country where free streaming of the content is prohibited by the law.

How to Find the Movie of Your Choice?

The Couch Tunner helps you to watch all the latest movies and trending shows anywhere with the help of an Internet connection. To find the desired content, you need to click on the search bar and type the name of the movie in it. Hit the search button to get the task accomplished. You can also get your favorite TV shows using the search option. In addition to the search box, you can use its intelligible filters to find the content you want to watch. Moreover, you can also find the content using the trending categories.

Is Couch Tunner Safe To Use? 

When navigating through the website, you may wonder if it is safe to use. The website has not pirated content. However, the links of the advertisements and third-party applications make it prone to the threat of malware. Your next click can cause a malware infection on your device.

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Let’s discuss another scenario! When you open CouchTuner, it may be asked to sign-up using your accurate login credentials or update your media player. However, the site never prompts you to perform these actions. If it is there, you are a step away from deleterious malware infection.

The website has its shortcomings in its validity and safety for you as a viewer. However, you don’t need to be disappointed as Couch Tunner helps you to get the best option to explore the world of entertainment without getting prone to security risks.

Is Couch Tuner Down?

The main website is not available in some particular states of the world. Yet, there are lots of other choices for it. People who are facing a problem with the website can use different alternatives. When you enter the URL of the website in the search box of your browser, you may not get the result for it on SERP (Search Engine Result Page). But, it may take you to an error message page.

Things You Need To Consider Before Using the Couch Tuner

Since the Couch Tunner rolled out in 2010, it has offered free TV streaming to its worldwide viewers. In the first place, it was a “.com” website. However, today there are dozens of domains for each country where the site runs. It has gained immense popularity over time. However, you should consider a few important points to make the best out of the Couch Tuner website. Check the below-described points:

Perplexing List

The list of the content on Couch Tunner is not arranged properly, making it difficult for the users to navigate through the website. All the content is available on the site. Despite that, you may need to put up some extra effort to find it.

Annoying Ads

The dependency of the website on third-party applications or websites requires it to show you the ads and pop-ups. However, the site recommends you to use all kinds of ad-blockers to prevent infuriating ads.

Security Risks 

The websites publish the links from third-party websites. You never know if the link you are going to click is safe or not. Therefore, you need to use the website with the utmost caution.

Final Word

This post can help you to utilize Couch Tunner live streaming website with the utmost safety and efficiency. To get more tech-related posts, you can visit our blog page. Stay in touch with us!