2020 has been a game-changer and has altered our lives as we knew it. From online learning platforms to work from home trends, every domain has managed to survive during this pandemic. Likewise, people have become more inclined to look for platforms that cost them minimum to no cost to help them excel in their careers or to learn new skills. Accounting being an essential subject to both big and large businesses is something that everyone needs to have know-how about other than the professional accountants. Therefore, if you want to learn basic accounting just as we can get an electric license studying the c10 license study guide, here are all the courses or platforms that you should consider taking and opting for:

  1. Play Accounting:

An amazing online platform that can help to learn basic accounting:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Cost Accounting
  • Management Accounting

A team of professionals keeps the website updated about the latest topics related to accounting and finance. This helps students to get additional information other than their course work. Moreover, MCQs quizzes and short questions relating to the subject make play accounting an effective online learning platform.

  1. Introduction to Financial Accounting:

One of the most known courses offered by Coursera in partnership with the University of Pennsylvania, these days aims to give sound knowledge of financial analysis, financial statements, and financial disclosure to the students. Students are taught to read income statements, balance sheets, etc. and other key targets of the course include:

  • Teaching the language of accounting
  • How to prepare or read balance sheets and income statements
  • Learning about ratios and ratio analysis
  • Learning to classify cash flow into investing, financial activities, and operating.
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The course is self-paced, and students can adjust the deadlines as per their schedules. There isn’t any enrollment fee but may include other charges of around $50.

  1. Introduction to Auditing:

Auditing is one of the major topics in accounting. Through this course, students will get to explore topics like:

  • Sampling Methods
  • Auditing Deliverables
  • Control systems, evaluation, and designs
  • Legal liabilities when auditing
  • Helps in developing the critical skills needed to evaluate assurance services, create audit reports, etc.

This course is offered by Coursera in partnership with the University of Illinois. Enrollment is free but may cost some amount like $158 to certify the completion.

  1. Introduction to Taxation:

It is the course that is best suited for beginners. It is offered by an online learning platform called Allison to help students get a better understanding of the tax laws in the United States. Through this course, students will develop an understanding of:

  • key facets of taxation
  • costs of borrowing
  • different types of investments
  • how taxes impact one’s income

To learn basic accounting course is absolutely free of cost and is widely popular among accounting students. This will surely help in giving you a sound knowledge of the basics of taxation.

  1. Managerial Accounting:

This one is offered by edX in partnership with Indiana University. This is for the advanced level students and is absolutely free of cost. The managerial accounting course is mainly focused on how managers use accounting data for decision making. Through this course, students will learn:

  • The basic terms, definitions, and other key concepts of managerial accounting.
  • Analyzing the accounting information and preparing the budget
  • Understanding the theoretical accounting concepts and learning to bring them into practice
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This course is recommended for the students who are at least junior or senior in college or university. Owing to its popularity, you must get enrolled in it if you want to learn about managerial accounting aptly.

Why opt for these opportunities?

What else could be better than getting an additional certification and enhancing one’s skill while keeping up with our routine simultaneously? With minimum to no cost, these accounting courses and online platforms are the best opportunities for you to invest your free time into something more productive. Moreover, they will make your CV look great and promising. If you are aspiring to a competent and skilled accountant or at least have the basic knowledge about the field, then you must not miss the opportunity to get enrolled in any of the above-mentioned learning ventures!