Moving to the new home is not a fun time because it not just consumes your time and effort but also eat up more cost. Coming to know the costs associated with the house move surely make you have a headache. Of course, you should try lower down the cost as much as possible to make your move budget friendly. To do so, you be clear about the Different costs associated with a house move. This guide will inform you above those house moving costs.

Cost of moving house

Are you considering moving to a new home? Are you wondering about the cost of moving? Well, before making any decision, it is better to calculate the cost of relocating and then decide whether you can afford such a house move. Since it is a big decision, take some time and consider several aspects before deciding something. Below mentioned are some of the costs associated with the house move, which you have to consider while calculating total moving costs.

Conveyance fees – In exchange for handling all the legal aspects of sale and purchase of properly, solicitors usually charge a fee. This amount will differ from one person to another.

Stamp duty land tax – When you property priced more than government specific amount, you have to pay stamp duty land tax. This rate usually applies to the portion of the land price, which falls within every percentage band.

Estate agent fees – From agent to agent, the fees may differ but generally it ranges from 1-3% of the house sale price along with the tax. Seller only needs to pay this fee.

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Surveyor’s fee – The house survey is required for all parties to find any problems with the property. Common types of survey are homebuyer report, condition report, building survey, and home condition survey. In many cases, the homebuyer report is high enough.

Valuation fee – Lenders usually charge this fee while ensuring your property’s worth equivalent to the amount they are lending to you. Valuation may include in your deal along with the mortgage provider and part of the property survey.

Removal cost – Your home removal price always based on the volume of items you want to move, level of service you requested, and various factors.

Movers hiring cost – When you get help from movers to shift your home, you have to pay the charge for their service. Depending on the size and weight of the items need to pack, they charge you. By comparing different movers estimate, you can save a bit from this cost.

Moving container rental – In case of doing DIY moving, you must rent the moving container to load and store your things. The moving containers cost is usually based on the type of container you rent for shifting your belongings.

Apart from these costs, your house move budget incorporates costs such as moving insurance, traveling expenses to a new home, cleaning the old space, cost of arranging packing boxes and hidden costs of rental apartments. If you really wish to save on moving costs, reduce the number of items need to shift, never relocate on peak time, and pack stuff on your own rather than hiring professionals.