Finding the best childrens sewing machine can be a hard nut to crack. This is why this post has compiled the best sewing machine for children that are easy to use as well. The listed sewing machines are cute and cost-effective at the same time. However, they may break down within the first month of their use. If your child loves sewing, then you can find some best children’s sewing machines by reading this post until the end.

How Much To Pay For The Sewing Machines? 

If you are wondering how much you will need to pay for the childrens sewing machine, don’t worry about the cost! There are various reliable models in the market you can buy at affordable rates. You can get the sewing machines with the basic stitches within the range of $100. These machines can help if your children want to start sewing. If you are still in doubt, find yourself by navigating through the below-described list of the best children’s sewing machines.

List of the Top 3 Sewing Machine for Children In 2020

The below-describe list can help you to find the best child sewing machine and that too at cost-effective prices:

1: Brother XM2701 Lightweight Childrens Sewing Machine

This is a perfect sewing machine for the kids who are into their starting phase of sewing. Besides, teenagers can also use this machine to sew their ideas. The machine offers a wide variety of stitch options to carry out advanced sewing projects. It is effortless to use, and even beginners can learn intricate stitching patterns with absolute ease. It has some of the most fantastic features, such as led sewing light, 1 step buttonhole, foot pedal, free arm, and various others.

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Features of the Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine

The main features of the machine are stated in the below-given list:

  • 27 built-in stitches
  • 59 stitch functions
  • Free arm
  • Automatic buttonholer
  • Automatic bobbin winding drop-in system
  • 1-step buttonhole
  • Foot pedal
  • Darning plate
  • LED light
  • Manual and instructional DVD included
  • Lightweight, just 12 pounds
  • 25 year limited warranty


There are several advantages you can harvest with this sewing machine for the children. Check the below-given list:

  • Despite that the machine is Inexpensive, you may rely on them for your children.
  • There are multi-faceted stitching options available with the machine.
  • Kids and adults can use their free arm for quilting,
  • The childrens sewing machine is straightforward to use and is perfect for beginners who want to learn.
  • Suitable for almost all ages of the people.


If you think that the machine is all good and has no flaws, hold your horses! The machine is undoubtedly one of the best options for the kids. However, the number of stitch options may be perplexing for the kids.

2: SINGER Start 1304 Free Arm Best Sewing Machine for Beginners

The next childrens sewing machine on the list is SINGER Start 1304 free arm best sewing machine. The design of the machine is small, sleek, cost-effective. It is a neutral color primary sewing machine for children that has a white design with blue accents. The machine has an easy threading option for kids with diagrams printed on the machine’s right side. You can easily set up the machine and adjust six different stitches with a 4-step buttonhole. It helps the kids to add buttons to any garment with absolute ease.

Features of SINGER Start 1304 Free Arm Best Sewing Machine

The salient features of this machine are stated in the below-given list:

  • Simple stitch selection dial
  • Portable size
  • Easy threading system
  • Includes six built-in stitches
  • Accessories
  • Automatic bobbin winder system
  • Free arm sewing machine


The main advantages of the machine are described in the below-given bullet points:

  • The machine is small and easily portable.
  • Besides, it has pre-set stitch length and width, making it easier for children to work with it.
  • Easy to use and perfect for beginners.
  • Above all, the machine’s simple stitching options make it the best children’s sewing machine.
  • Suitable for kids.
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SINGER Start 1304 kid’s sewing machine is also suitable for demanding projects. When the kids are using the machine, you need to ensure that they are not overburdened with the options of different features. Kids and beginners should start with fundamental elements. However, the machine is easy to use, and its comprehensive features can help new users learn fast.

3: Singer Tradition 2277 Sewing Machine for Children

Singer Tradition 2277 sewing machine is a robust sewing machine for the children. The machine is handy and efficient and offers several stitching options. The machine works for a wide range of age groups. The sewing machine comes with a warranty of 25 years, and entry-level users can learn quickly with its handy options. Furthermore, it has an in-built needle threader that can prevent users from painstakingly thread a needle.

The Main Features of Singer Tradition 2277 Sewing Machine

The primary features of this children’s sewing machine are described in the below-given list:

  • Free arm sewing machine
  • Heavy-duty metal frame
  • High presser foot lift
  • Automatic reverse sewing option
  • Automatic needle threader
  • One-step buttonhole
  • 23 built-in stitches, including 19 decorative stitches


Below are the main benefits that you can reap from this cildrens sewing machine:

  • The machine is available with an extended warranty that makes it a good return for the investment.
  • It has several essential features, such as a speed control dial and an automatic reverse sewing option.
  • Furthermore, it has a total of 23 different stitch options.
  • Above all, it is the most appropriate sewing machine for children.


Although it is an ideal sewing machine for children, yet, it offers too many stitching options that can be perplexing for the kids. The list of such features includes a quilting guide, needles, caps, bobbins, spools, and several others. If you want to give it to the entry-level users of kids, you need to ensure that they are using the machine’s elementary features.

Final Words!

If you want to evoke the creative aspects from within your kids, you can gift them with the above-described machines. Besides, these machines are also suitable for teens who want to perform demanding sewing tasks. If you want more posts like childrens sewing machine, you can visit our blog section. You are most welcome!