People are becoming more aware of social causes and how they can impact real and lasting change in the world. If you already supporting social causes or plan to, then there is a scholarship that might interest you.

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What is a Social Cause?

A social cause is when you seek to fix a problem that is afflicting many citizens either in society at large or a particular group. Common social causes center around race, ethnicity and orientation, but social causes can spring up from nearly any problem that affects society. These are large, complex issues that one person alone cannot fix as they require a sizable voice to begin the change.

In effect, a social cause is wanting to help society at large. It is seeking to make a fair and equal justice for all and not some.

How Students Support Social Causes

Students currently make up the majority of those supporting social change. There are many ways that you can help with a social cause through time, resources or keeping the voice alive.

The most vocal and present way to help social causes is to peacefully protest. You can check with local organizations to see if there are any upcoming protests in your area that you can join. Volunteering is another way to help as you will directly give your time and energy to an organization. Anyone can help and this will ensure your social cause moves along faster and smoother.

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You can also help if you don’t have the time to protest or volunteer. Donating to a cause ensures that they have resources for supplies and anything else they need. Giving whatever you can spare will ensure that the organization has more resources to work with. You can even take to social media to spread the message. Making your own posts or reposting others will help enact massive change.

Voting is another powerful way to support social change. Many people vote for presidents, but there’s voting going on all the time for laws, smaller elections, proposed changes in the community and more. Casting your vote is a strong way to show support or opposition depending on what is being proposed.

Scholarships for Students Supporting Social Causes

Ascent Student Loans recently announced a new scholarship that awards $1,000 every month to one student that is supporting social change.  Ken Ruggiero, Chief Executive Officer of Ascent explained the reason for the scholarship by saying “we will continue supporting students and the social causes important to them, such as fighting racism.” The first monthly scholarship focused on those who are working to end racism and other forms of hatre. Each month the scholarship entry parameters will highlight some aspect of social change. If you are currently involved in a social cause and are going or plan on going to college, then this might be a scholarship to check out.

They want to know how you support social causes and how you heard about them. Whether you volunteer lots of hours or just help whenever you can, you’ll want to apply for the student scholarships for social change for your chance to earn free money to put toward your degree. This can help make going to college a little easier on you while supporting a social change.

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Students are the Future

Students are supporting social causes more than ever and there are scholarships that are made for you. This can make your college journey easier just like how you’re trying to make life easier for others