Project management is one of today’s fastest-growing professions. Skilled project managers are always in demand. They are invaluable to project-based processes completed by teams of workers. This quality and specialty fulfill the increasingly important and necessary role in several companies. Project managers are responsible for the project’s timeframe, budget and overall scope as the team works to meet its objectives, which is why PMP certification is so important.

A company’s complete success or failure depends in large part on the project manager’s ability, teamwork, collaboration, and competency. He plays the mediator role between upper management and outside vendors, customers, and clients. With proper and protective communication, project managers can solve many problems and manage tough situations, while handling a project. They monitor the project at each level, observing processes and communicating with upper management and other involved persons. A company and its team always need a strong leader to achieve goals on time. Strong and effective leadership of project managers can fulfill the goal of productivity, sales, and profit. 

Countless companies need the advantages of project managers as their teamwork can result in increased productivity and profitability. They provide a greater sense of ownership and professionalism among team members with their leadership. Project managers can master the best strategies with their skills and training. 

Skilled project managers are likely to perform at their best when they achieve a PMP Certification. Let us know more about this credential and what are the benefits of achieving it.

What is the PMP Certification?

PMP, known as Project Management Professional, certification is offered by the Project Management Institute. It is a gold standard certification that covers the latest best practices and training for candidates in the field of project management. PMP certification includes tailoring considerations, core competencies, new trends, and emerging practices required for a project management professional. It places a great emphasis on business knowledge. The PMP recognizes your ability to manage the project and the completion of tasks. Research shows that companies and employers will need to fill around 2.2 million new project-oriented jobs and roles each year by 2027.

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Benefits Of Having PMP Certification 

The Project Management Professional certification can help you achieve a lucrative role in finance, manufacturing, IT, healthcare, and many other exciting industries. Certified PMP is often rewarded with considerable pay raises and promotions. They can also earn 25% more than non-certified project management professionals.

How To Get PMP Certification

Project Management Institute offers an exam set, candidates can apply to take this exam at one of the hundreds of PMI centers around the world and directly online. To proceed with the application process candidates must prove their eligibility.


Across all the industries and companies, PMP certification is an essential requirement for senior project managers and other senior management posts. This certification is important and recommended for Project Manager, Team Leaders/Team Managers, Associate/Assistant Project Managers, Software Developers, Project Executives/Project Engineers, or any professional seeking to be a project manager. People from any background and industry, from engineering to pharmaceuticals to IT can attain the PMP certification.


Secondary degree, associate’s degree or international equivalent, high school diploma, 7500 hours of proven experience in project management, 35 hours of education in project management are some requirements to enroll for the certification.

How To Get the Certification

To get your certification on your own you must follow some steps:

  • Apply To Take Your Exams- Apply for the certification exams and validate your management skills, experience, and education.
  • Take Your PMP Exam- After applying, your second step is to have your online PMP exams. Have an exam guideline and pass the exams.
  • Maintain Your Certification- Continuing education and engage with professional development will help to maintain certification.

Benefits of PMP Certification for Project Managers 

Demand for certified PMP is growing speedily. Here are several benefits of PMP certification for the project managers which help them in many ways such as:

  • Adds Value To The Resume- PMP certificate is the most valuable certification program among all the professional certifications available. It adds value to your resume. Companies and interviewers are giving priority to the PMP certified candidates than to non-certified ones, for their project management posts and jobs.
  • Enhance Career opportunities- As there is a high demand for project management professionals, the PMP certification can enhance your career opportunities. Grab the opportunities and earn more.
  • Provides Professional Recognition-  PMP certification provides you a professional and an experienced recognition towards the company. It is a universally recognized symbol of excellence in the project management field. So you can gain by adding the certificate to your resume, as employers know that certified managers are better at completing the projects on time.
  • Helps To Learn Important Skills- PMP certification helps you to learn important and trendy skills that make you stand out from other unskilled managers. It will enhance your knowledge and opportunities for your career growth. With this certification, you can learn hard and soft skills such as leadership, team management, communication, organization, resource management, problem solutions, and time management.
  • Contributes To Higher Income-  The biggest advantage of having a PMP certification is the higher salary it can bring to the project managers. A recent PMI survey reports that the average salary for a project manager is $ 108,000 with PMP certification.
  • Validates Your Dedication- PMP certification shows your dedication towards your job. It has high standards that indicate and proves that you are serious about making project management as your long-term career path.
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For some people, PMP certification might be expensive, time-consuming, and difficult. But across all the companies and hiring, experts say that PMP certification is an important credential. It adds value and credibility to your resume and enhances your career growth to find your desired position in project management.