At present, Instagram is the fastest growing social media network in the world. It is more than a photos and videos sharing platform. Instagram offers an excellent way for businesses to market their brand and sell products directly through the app. Instagram is the most accessed social network with 1 billion users every month. Every user spends an average of 30 minutes on Instagram per day. Additionally, it has 51% of female users and 49% of male users. Instagram often launches new features to attract its audience, and now it introduced Instagram reels on August 5, 2020. The popular hashtag in the article will promote your reels videos on instagram.

Instagram Reels

Reels is a new feature that allows you to create and discover entertaining videos on Instagram. Reels is a TikTok alternative, so effectively creating reels will make your reels go viral on this platform. Users can create 15 seconds short videos with original music; it boosts other users to make reels for your audio. If you are a marketer and trying to enhance your business on Instagram?. You can use reels to showcase products, increase brand awareness and generate more sales to your IG shop. 

Quick stats about Instagram reels

  • In 2019, reels launched in Brazil as cenas.
  • Instagram users in brazil increased by 1% every month after reels launched.
  • 4.34% users increased in Brazil when reels were released.
  •  On June 24, 202, Facebook expanded reels to France and Germany.
  • In India, Instagram reels launched on July 22, 2020.
  • After reels launched in India, the app download has increased by 11.4%.
  • Instagram has 100 billion daily active users in India after the launch of reels.
  • Time spent on Instagram has increased by 3.5% in India after the new feature launch.
  • On August 5, 2020, reels launched in 50 countries, including the US.

How do Instagram reels work?

Are you wondering how to create Instagram reels to reach a massive audience?. Just click the reels icon at the bottom of the Instagram screen, or you can select the story option in that click reels to create or upload videos. Reels lets users upload 15-second videos with music and effects. If you want to create compelling reels videos to attract new audiences, use these editing tools to achieve your goals.

Audio: after creating reels videos, users can select audio from the Instagram music library, or you can use your favorite songs. If you are a public account and using original audio in your reels, it allows everyone to use your audio by selecting use audio from your reel.

AR Effect: there are plenty of AR effects available on the Instagram gallery. Users can select any effects which suit their videos.

Timer and countdown: this feature allows you to record hand-free videos. Users can set a timer, and once you press the record option, you can see the countdown start from three.

Align: this feature allows you to align your previous videos before going to the next. 

Speed: Users can select speed up or slow down their videos speed. This feature helps you to create fast and slow-motion videos.

Share: After creating reels videos, users can share their reels in Instagram stories, feeds, explore pages, and direct messages. Post reels to your account by adding some hashtags, captions and tag your friends.

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How to use Instagram reels for your business

If you want to get high-quality views for your Instagram reels videos, more engagement, and followers?. The simple answer is to use Instagram reels. Instagram is an excellent marketing and sales tool for business and reels are an addition to that. 

1. Share tutorial videos

One of the most effective ways to use reels is by sharing educational videos. Create educational content that helps your followers to understand how to use your product quickly. Many businesses use reels for their brands and get more engagement for their reels videos. Share step-by-step tutorial videos to your followers and encourage them to see your reels again and again. 

2. Promote Your Brand

By using Instagram reels, brands can showcase their product to a massive audience. There are many different reels ideas available on the platform. Choose the best content for your product to highlight your brand personality. 90% of Instagrammers follow one business account. So if you use reels for your business, you can get more followers to your profile. About 80% of Instagram users said they discovered new products on the platform. Promoting your brand on this platform helps you to reach your target audience. 

3. Create behind the scene

Everyone likes to see how their favorite brands are manufactured and delivered to the services. If you want to get more engagement for your reels videos, try behind the scenes to get great results. Showing behind the scene videos to your audience will boost them to watch your reels frequently. Also, it builds trust with your audience and makes them buy your products. 


Hashtags are the easiest way to make your content visible to thousands of new eyes. Using hashtags in your reels videos will increase your reach and popularity of your brand. It is essential to use trending and relevant hashtags in your reels to make your audience find your content on the platform. Are you wondering which hashtags to use for your reels videos?. keep reading this article here; I have shared a list of reels hashtag to get your content seen.  

The Popular Instagram reels hashtags for your videos

The hashtag has the potential to increase the popularity and reach of your content. Since reels are new, adding hashtags in your reels will make your content visible to a broader audience. Here are some top trending reels hashtags for your videos.

Viral Instagram reels hashtags for 2021











Reels hashtag for fashion

If you are a fashion designer and trying to improve your business on instagram you can use these popular fashion reels c to promote your business.











Trending hashtags for food-related reels

Everyone likes to watch food-related posts on social media networks. Additionally, users can add these top trending hashtags in their reels to reach the audience who very much loves to see food videos.











Reels hashtags for dance

Instagram is the perfect place to show all your talents to the world. If you are a dancer and trying to get more likes and views for your reels videos. Use these top trending reels hashtags for your videos. 











Popular reels hashtags for entrepreneurs

Here are some reels hashtags for entrepreneurs. They can use these hashtags to improve their business on the platform. 











Viral reels hashtags for motivational pages

When you are scrolling your Instagram feeds, you may see motivational posts. Many people like to follow the pages that share inspirational content. 











Best reels hashtags for sports

If you are a sports person and trying to get popular and boost views and likes for your videos. Use these good hashtag to increase your 











Trending travel reels hashtags

Everybody likes to see travel videos, by using these trending hashtags in your reels will make your content reach more people.












Popular pet hashtags for reels

Many people love to watch pets videos on Instagram. It’s time to create videos with your pet and add some top trending hashtags to them. 











General Instagram reels hashtags

Here are some common instagram reels hashtags users can use these hashtags to promote their reels videos.











Advantages of using hashtags in your reels

Hashtags are an effective way to increase your reach and engagement on social media networks like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Here are some importance of using hashtags in your reels videos.


Using relevant hashtags to your business helps people search for similar hashtags and have a chance to see your content. If people search for #topbusiness and if your hashtags are similar to that, people can also see your content. And if they like your content, they will convert into your followers. Using the right hashtags in your reels videos can increase your brand reach and increase your reels’ engagement.

Brand awareness

Many brands are using branded hashtags in their posts to enhance their business. Hashtags are the best way to increase your brand awareness on the platform. Create effective reels video and add branded hashtags to reach your target audience. When improving your brand awareness on Instagram helps people to follow your brand. Promoting your brand on Instagram allows you to drive more traffic to your website and get more sales on the platform. 

Brand values

Use hashtags to increase your brand value among your audience. Your brand values will make your audience follow your business account. Highlight your brand, how it helps someone’s life and how your products make your life easier. Brand value has the potential to build relationships with your customers. Showcase the unique quality of your brand to improve your brand value. 

Target Audience

Hashtags are one of the perfect ways to find your target audience on social media platforms. Analyze your competitor and see which kind of hashtags are using for their post. You can also use similar hashtags like them to reach your target audience. Remember your competitor’s followers are your target audience. So use hashtags effectively to get more new audiences to your account. 

Why use reels hashtags?

With 1 billion active users on Instagram, you have very less opportunity to showcase your brand or business. But if you use the right hashtags in your content, you may have the chance to get noticed by your audience. Hashtags are also one of the easiest ways to increase your followers. Without having the right followers, you cannot achieve your business goals. Only with the target audience can you get more traffic and sales to your website. Use branded hashtags for your product because these types of hashtags will increase user interest and grouping products. 

Tips for finding the best Instagram reels hashtags

Here are some practical ideas to find Instagram reels hashtags that make your videos go viral on the platform. 

1. Search

To find the top trending reels hashtag, hit the magnifying icon at the bottom of the Instagram screen. From there, you can see popular reels videos on Instagram. Users can tap the videos to see more or enter the keyword in the search bar. With This, you can find popular reels hashtags for your reels videos. 

In the search result, you can see these result:

Top: here, you can see the top trending videos, or you can see different videos as per your app use.

Accounts: when you entered the keyword, it shows the most relevant account.

Tags: here, you can find the most popular hashtags beside the search

Places: this shows some related locations nearby you. 

2. Research your competitor

One of the exciting ways to find popular hashtags is by analyzing your competitor and influencers. Because they have many followers to their accounts, research and see how they are using a hashtag to get better results for their business, you can think differently to use hashtags relevant to them. 

3. See other social networks

Check other social media platforms to see trending hashtags; you can use those hashtags in your content to go viral on the platform. If that popular hashtag is not for Instagram reels, you can use it to reel videos to get more engagement. 


Instagram reels are effective ways to capture your audience to get more engagement for your videos. Creating attractive reels with some relevant hashtags will make your content skyrocket on the platform. Brands can add these reels hashtags to promote their business in 2021.