The application “Spotify” is a Swedish media service provider. It is an audio streaming platform that was launched in October 2008. It also offers video streaming of songs where millions of its users can watch their favorite songs by just one click. It offers millions of songs composed by Various Artists from all over the world. With just one click, the user can feel the music of different countries from all over the world and with just another click they can reach the Spotify playlist downloader You can be stopping spotify, It offers offline listening and commercial-free music to its paid subscriptions. It also offers a freemium service, which includes the basic features with limited control.

It is available in most of Europe, America, Africa, and Asia. The users can use the application in most recent devices such as Windows, macOS, iOs Linux computers, Android smartphones, and also in AI-enabled smart speakers such as Google Home(Alexa) and Amazon Echo.

Since the day of Launching this application, the number of active users increases day by day. In December 2020, this application had more than 345 million monthly active users with 155 million paid subscriptions.

With more than 500 million downloads, Spotify is an online music streaming application that brings to you your own personalized Coachella, allowing you to create your own playlists. Available in free and premium versions, the app has been able to win hearts all over the world. It has achieved this milestone by understanding what its audience wants. Flooded with cool features, Spotify is becoming Gen Y and Z’s bias.

The major issue of Spotify of playing the same songs again and again. Every day thousands of new songs are added. It has an automatic feature of recommending the same type of songs that the users always used to hear. But after a few days or so, those recommended old songs seem a little boring. The users can be stopping Spotify from feeding the same old songs again and again.

Spotify ensures you to give the songs according to the choice of its users. But by default, it ends up recommending the same old songs. It compiles the songs in your playlist in chronological order with the songs added by the users at the top. Though if you are interested in compiling your own playlist, you will end up with the recommendation of the same songs by Spotify.

Recommending the same songs for multiple times is one of the major issues faced by the users of Spotify every day. The autoplay feature is quite irritating sometimes for most of the users. This autoplay feature helps the app to play the same type of songs multiple times. But this is not a thing to worry about. The users can get rid of this issue by just keeping some steps in their minds.

1.  Creating your own playlist

The users can create their own playlists according to their mood and choice in Spotify. This will restrict the application from recommending the same old songs again and again.

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To do this, first select the playlist option. Create a new playlist by clicking the three dots menu button. Then select the option Go To Playlist Radio.

This will help them to generate fresh music, which would be entirely based on the playlist created by the users. Another thing to keep in mind while making your own playlist is that you do not star songs. This will end up with the same repetition of songs by Spotify. By following this way, the users can get rid of listening to the same old songs.

2.  Ignore the Like Button

By clicking on the like button, the application collects the data, the choice of its users such that they can recommend the same relatable songs. This feature helps Spotify from generating songs based on the choice and taste of its users.

That same taste of music can sometimes bother us. The users can also get rid of the recommendation of Spotify just by not clicking the Like Button. Ignoring the like button will ensure and help the users from not getting the same old songs in their playlist. This will restrict the application from gathering the data of the users; their frequently played songs.

3.  Reverse the order of the Spotify playlist

As mentioned above in this article, Spotify generates its songs of your choice and taste in chronological order. To get rid of the same type of songs, the users can reverse the chronological order. This will help them to listen to new kinds of stuff that are added to the playlist.

To reorder the playlist, the user just needs to follow some steps. First, open the app. Click on the playlist that you want to reorder. Then click on the three dots menu button. Then select the sort playlist option. Now from the dropdown menu, select the option recently added.

On the desktop, you can reverse the chronological order of songs by just clicking the little calendar icon at the top of the playlist.

4.  Be specific with smart speakers.

While using Spotify in smart speakers like Ok Google or Alexa, the users must be precise with the process. If the users are not specific while playing songs through smart speakers, they will end up playing the same songs in chronological order.

To end this issue and get a proper shuffle playlist, the users just need to say :

Ok, Google/ Alexa shuffle my (playlist name) playlist from Spotify. It is important to use “my”; otherwise, the smart speakers will get confused.

5. Spotify Gapless Playback

Saturday-eve? Need back to back songs without any pause of silence between your tracks? Spotify has a special feature of Gapless playback. Activate it in- Spotify Preferences of the desktop / Spotify App on Spotify Settings, Go to Playback Options, and Toggle Gapless playback to ‘ON’. But Beware! It does not assure no advertisements in between unless you have a premium subscription.

6. Spotify Discounts for Spotify Premium

Spotify offers family and Student Discounts on Premium Subscription providing advertisement-free music with offline download music. It offers 50% off to students for up to 4 years. And 50% off family off It has special Spotify for Kids with an app packed with kids singing along and rhymes, Family Mix with a plan based on tastes of everyone in the family and Explicit Mix where a family member gets to choose if the family can listen to explicit music.

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7. Playlist Hacks

  • Collaborative Playlist

There is no better feeling than having friends with the same taste of music, and if someone tells you you can make a collaborative playlist, Cherry on the cake, right? Click on the three dots on the right side of your playlist ->Choose to Make Collaborative, and it is done. You and your friends can sing ad songs jointly to it. Also, you can undo it anytime following the same steps.

  • Private Playlist

Are you a private person too? Wanna keep your playlists to you only? Don’t worry, Spotify got a cover for you.Go to Menu->Settings->Social-> Private Session On. In your iPhone/Android. This will help you to make your playlist private.

  • Import iTunes Playlist

Already have a cool playlist on iTunes and tired of switching from iTunes to Spotify? Open Spotify app

->Click on File->Import from->ITunes, and a new playlist will be created under iTunes.Easy right? No wonder Spotify knows the needs of its audience well.

  • Create Radio From the playlist

Did You know you can create Radio from your Spotify playlist? Well, if no, you are in the right place. Spotify Radio can be created from your playlists, especially when you are having a themed playlist like Diwali Special. You just need to follow these Simple Steps-Click on Three dots on the right side of your

playlist ->Choose Start Radio. Ever thought your dream of being a radio jockey will be so easily fulfilled?

  • Recover Deleted Playlist

Deleted a playlist by mistake? No Big deal. Log in to your Spotify Account, Go to Account Review, Click on

Recover the playlist, and your favorite songs are back.

8. Make your Spotify sound better

What’s the fun of music without quality? Do you know you can control the sound quality from Low, Normal, high to the extreme? Choose, Settings->Music Quality and select quality as you desire for streaming and syncing. You can even equalize the sounds of your favorite tracks from sound stings.

9. Embed Spotify Song on Website/Blog

Want to embed a song from your Spotify playlist on a blog or website. Do you know every Spotify song has a unique code? You can find it by Right-clicking on the song or the playlist. Choose ‘Copy Embed Code’, Paste the code on the HTML editor on the blog/website, and it’s ready to share with your friends no matter whether your friends have a Spotify Application or not.

10. Easy Song Navigation:

Spotify makes it easier for you to navigate and search songs, even the ones you can’t remember. It allows you to use qualifiers to narrow your search just like Google queries, e.g., Looking for Beyoncé’s output in 1997, Beyoncé Year: 1997 will pull up desired results.


So now you know Spotify is much more than just a platform to bring you music from all around the world. It also allows you to follow your favorite artists, with which we can never miss a chance to access their new music release. It also helps to get rid of full storage.

If you are one of those tired of full storage space, Spotify got you covered. It allows you to clear cache for more songs. As the tricks have been unraveled, you can go share and take advantage of this article.