We all need to clean our house at any cost. Some people hire a maid while some people do it themselves. Cleaning your house, yourself makes you responsible and also saves you money for hiring a maid. Moreover, no one can clean your house with a heart other than you. House Cleaning Schedule-

When you clean your house yourself, you clean everything and do not leave anything behind. We know that when it comes to cleaning a house, there are a lot of tasks to perform. Every morning when we see our house, it is like a mess where nothing is placed in its right place.

Some people find it difficult to clean their house because they do not know where to start. Let us tell you that you need to follow a proper schedule for cleaning your house without panicking or forgetting any area to clean.

You need a piece of paper and a pen for making a cleaning schedule. You must enlist all the areas of your house that are needed to be cleaned daily. After enlisting them, you can prioritize them and start your work. Prioritizing is not a necessary task to perform, you can just write down all the tasks that are included in your house cleaning and cross them out when they are done.

This guide explains a house cleaning schedule that is worth it to follow. It includes all the activities and tasks that are needed to perform for cleaning your house. Let’s have a look at them:

Clean Kitchen Countertops

First, you need to clean the countertops present in your kitchen. We know that when we wake up, we first go to our kitchen to prepare breakfast. When you and your family are done with breakfast, you should buckle up the dishes and other utensils that are dirty.

When you are done collecting all the dirty dishes, you need to clean up the countertops and wipe them. You should also clean the shelves that are present in your kitchen. Do not forget to clean the area around your stove because it becomes dirty every time, we cook something in our kitchen.

Clean Kitchen Chairs and Tables

When you are done with the kitchen countertops and shelves, you should move toward cleaning the kitchen tables and chairs. The chairs and tables get dirty in no time, we need to clean them daily.

For cleaning these areas, you should use warm water and a piece of cloth. You can add dish soap or white vinegar to the water for cleaning your kitchen chairs and tables.

Make Beds

Making your beds should be included in your house cleaning schedule. We know that our bedsheet needs to be set daily so that our room could look tidy. You should clear your bed and clean it. If there is anything on your bed’s side table, you should put it in its right position.

When making your bed, you need to put the fitted sheet on it and then put the top sheet. Use a piece of cloth to get rid of dirt present on your bed. In last, fluff your pillows and your bed is ready.

Arrange Everything

When you are done making your bed, the next task is to arrange everything present in your room. For example, if your hairbrush is placed on your reading table, put it on your dressing table. Similarly, if there is any dish or glass in your room, put it in your kitchen sink.

Go to different rooms of your house and arrange everything there. For example, if you are in your drawing room, clear your sofas and make their sheets. Use a piece of cloth or a brush for dusting purposes. Do not forget to get your furniture rid of dirt and debris.

Wash Dishes

When you are done cleaning different areas of your kitchen and gathering all the dishes in one place, next you need to wash those dirty dishes. It is not necessary to wash to dishes right after cleaning your kitchen, you can also do it when you are done with other cleaning tasks of your house. Use a bar of dish soap for washing your dishes.

Vacuum The Rooms

You should vacuum your rooms if carpets are installed in your house. The vacuum cleaner is used for this purpose so make sure you know how to use a vacuum cleaner. If there is no carpet in your house, you can use a floor cleaning brush for removing all the dust and garbage from your rooms.

If there are a lot of rooms in your house, you can set the number of days for some rooms to be cleaned. For example, if there are two guest rooms, a gaming room, living room, drawing room, reading room, etc. you can decide the days on which you will clean the guest rooms as they are not needed to be cleaned daily.

Mop The Floor

When you are done getting rid of dust from all the areas present in your house, you need to mop the floor. The purpose of mopping your floor is to sanitize it and let you get rid of germs and dust. Your house looks cleaner when you mop the floor.

You should start mopping from your bedroom and then clean all the other rooms. Do not forget to mop the floor of your kitchen. At last, mop the floor of your living room and do not walk on the wet floor; let it get dry.

Clean The Bathrooms

A bathroom is a place that is needed to be cleaned daily. It is because it gets dirty in no time. So, when you are done cleaning all your house, you need to clean and wash your bathroom. Cleaning your bathroom means you need to clean different areas of your house.

You need to clean the sink, toilet, cabinets, and floor so that all the dust and debris could be removed from the surface of your bathroom. Do not forget to sanitize your bathroom.

Throw Away the Garbage

The last stage of cleaning your house is throwing away all the garbage. When you are cleaning your house, you should put all the garbage in the dustbin or a garbage bag. Get rid of the garbage bag daily so that you could get rid of the germs.

House Cleaning Schedule Statistics

Let us discuss some statistics about cleaning your house. It takes about two to four hours to clean your house completely. This time may also exceed if you take some rest in between. You can divide all the tasks by assigning time to each of them. For example, you can set a milestone that you will spend half an hour dusting the furniture.

Facts About Cleaning Your House

Following are some facts about cleaning your house:

  • You can burn your calories by cleaning your house which is helpful to lose weight
  • Kitchen sinks consist of more germs than a bathroom toilet
  • Germs last more than 24 hours on dry surfaces and for three days on wet surfaces
  • Some vacuums are not worth using as they result in making the air more polluted.


It is important to follow a schedule to perform any kind of task to get it done efficiently. Similarly, you must have a house cleaning schedule so that you could clean your house without any issues and save time. Follow this schedule and enjoy!