Some women love to travel alone in various countries, but many myths need to be appropriately addressed in Dubai. For most women, traveling to Dubai alone is a stressful situation because of their rules and restrictions for women, but the fact is different. Even women travelers in Dubai can enjoy the country alone. Let’s debunk some myths about Dubai

  • No need to wear a burkha, veil, or headscarf for women travelers.
  • Women can drive a car alone
  • You won’t be harassed in the country.
  • It’s safe to walk, stay in hotels and take taxis alone.

Ladies Night in Dubai

Many restaurants, pubs, clubs, and cafes in Dubai reserve specific nights, especially for women. They offer many discounts and present on those days to women guests. Many pubs and bars also provide free entry and drinks to women. You can check out at such places to enjoy the nightlife of Dubai.

women travelers to dubai


Some tips for women to keep in mind while traveling to Dubai alone


You may find an ample number of accommodations in Dubai, right from the luxury stay to the one which fits in your budget. However, it is recommended to find an accommodation place near Downtown Dubai, as it is located in the mid of bustling activities. Also, do booking in advance to avoid last moment hassle.


While traveling to Dubai alone, it is always safe to travel with buses, metros, and taxis. But these transports don’t run much during the night.

Renting a car can be a good option for you to explore the place. But always note taxi agency number, taxi driver number, and drivers’ contact details. Women have an opportunity to book pink taxis, which are only made for women passengers and are driven by women wearing Arabian attires.

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Etiquette to Follow

It’s always better to know the culture and religion of the place you plan to travel to. Though UAE strictly follows Islam culture, Dubai is a bit flexible and lenient.

Below are some points to keep in mind while visiting Dubai:

  • Dress appropriately to respect their culture. Ensure that your dressing should never offend the locals. Your dress should cover the knees and shoulders. If you are in doubt, always carry a cardigan with you. Swimming is allowed on the beach, but wear clothes yourself once you are out of the water. You need to wear a burqa while visiting any mosque or religious place.
  • Never drink in public. If you want to enjoy a drink, choose a hotel with a bar facility. Also, if you are traveling to Dubai in Ramadan month, don’t eat in public.
  • If you have taken a car for rent, ensure that you follow the traffic rules, as the country is quite strict. Even as a pedestrian, you should know where to cross the roads.
  • Also, gather information about Dubai’s culture on the internet before traveling. Wear sunscreen and airy clothes to get relief from the scorching heat of Dubai. Always remain hydrated.

If you are traveling alone, it will be an exciting moment for you being a woman. Every trip will give you confidence and independence.

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