Due to technological advancements in the world, everything has now got linked to digital marketing. Back in the days, advertisements were through Mails at addresses, Television, Radio Advertisement or through Print media like brochures, etc.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 As the world progressed in technology, everyone changed their way from these old methods to digital methods of advertisements.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               The most modern and popular method of advertising online is Pay-Per-Click. Many forms of digital marketing are present but any PPC company utilizes this way of advertisement since the benefits are much more as compared to other methods. Here are some updates for your PPC company that you should know.

To become one of the advanced PPC company, you should be looking for multiple ways to grab a client’s attention. More traffic of audience is directly proportional to more meetings and profit of the company.

If you acquire the desire to become the best PPC consultants or best PPC company (if you own your company). You must learn new marketing tips and techniques from masters in the field. You know improvement can come anytime even if you’re a professional.

Do not worry, you won’t have to read multiple books to acquire related knowledge regarding PPC. Now, you can simply take information from the internet so it’s an easy way now. Blogs run by any PPC company are one of the best ways to acquire knowledge of one’s PPC company.

To educate the new online marketers, PPC marketers and experts are writing and publishing blogs related to PPC.

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If you are new to this market then you must not be aware of the updates on many online platforms. To instruct you on the new updates of Facebook (one of the best PPC advertising platforms). Stay with us and enjoy the following new updates


Facebook always works on new things to amaze the users such as live room and group chat.

As we are talking about new updates and features, this year the same happened and updates got introduced on the social media site.

We will be discussing the most recent six of these changes in Facebook ads, which includes:

       Instagram Reels for everyone.

       Optimization of text/person features in ads.

       AR try-On improvement

       Shop ads personalized

       Whatsapp accessibility to shops

       Instagram shops including customer feedback.

So, let’s dive in further!

1.     Instagram Reels for everyone:

Tiktok got famous over the years, the trend was astonishing that Facebook itself introduced a short video clip feature. It was newly introduced on Instagram as Instagram Reels in August 2020.

A huge similarity between the two: Reels and TikTok clips is present. Short videos consisting of audios, texts, filters, and many epics fails and tricks videos. Similar to TikTok, several ways of using Reels for any PPC company are present.

In April 2021, Facebook initialized testing of Reels utilized for advertising in selected countries which include: UK, France, Canada, and the US).

In June 2021, the official release of Reels ads was also made available to advertisers not only to the above countries but for all countries. Small and local accounts can get benefits from this Reel feature since there is no requirement of the user to above or below a respective level.

Facebook ads’ algorithm is different for Instagram Reels so small PPC companies can increase target audience on their website by utilizing this feature.

2.     Optimization of text/person features in ads:

There is a new update mainly known as “optimize text per person” during the Facebook ads setting. Ads utilizing the option will be behaving similarly to Google’s search ads. Facebook will similarly behave like it and rotate your caption or description.

The great thing about this feature is that it is quite easy to set with the toggle of a single button. Quite friendly for accounts of every size so local and small companies can provide a better ad experience to their targeted users. Taking Facebook testing to a better and new level.

3.     Shop ads personalized:

Shoppers can easily browse, purchase products, and share for any brand similar to the in-store experience. Facebook shops are huge and the shoppers experience a branded experience.

These ads help in bringing more personalization to one’s shopping experience by letting the users directly to the collections in the shop of their desired choice or after optimizing the user’s history of shopping.

To conclude, Facebook ads are now optimized and algorithms work in such a way that the purchases are now more likely to happen. Since the customers are directly sent to the product they are quite interested in without wasting their precious time. 

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4.     AR try-On improvement

AR, also known to be an augmented reality, is not new in Facebook ads. In 2018, it was previously announced but was available for selected brands till 2019. 

User’s interesting products are now shown to the users and an option of “Try it on” is available for the users.

Facebook has structured new APIs to assign this process of announcing 3D assets in Business.

They hope to bring a change and make it even faster and handy. Also, cost-effectiveness is under consideration for better results. Facebook is guiding the APIs with AR beauty technical solutions providers and is hoping to eventually not compress but elongate verticals such as home decor.

Dynamic Ads are under consideration for the latest update. Facebook is trying its level best to integrate Augmented reality. This will lead the user to automatically see products of their interests and patterns.

5.     Whatsapp accessibility to shops

If you establish an e-commerce business such as on Amazon.com. Then you will automatically have access to the product’s advertisement on social media accounts like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, and many more.

Whatsapp ads click was previously ruled out in January 2018. But advertisers can now easily advertise the entire shop that makes it easy for the users to view the inventory and can find the product of their interest while chatting at the same time with the shop’s owner.

But to utilize this astonishing feature, you should have a business account on Whatsapp. Also, you should have enough manpower to handle the Chat on WhatsApp. You must learn to integrate Facebook shops connected with Whatsapp Business.

6.     Instagram shops including customer feedback.

We all know feedback and reviews on Facebook Pages. There will be a new update in summer 2021 regarding the reviews. Instagram users will get allowed to post pictures, videos, ratings, and comments on products just from inside the Instagram platform of shops.

Instagram feedback and reviews of customers will improve the journey of buyers. The customers and buyers can search for products and can easily browse products and not leave the platform at all. But this sounds like benefiting only Facebook but purchasing in huge amounts relates to online sales for your business. So it is a condition to win for everyone.

Wrap it up:

Technology has eased the way of shopping for customers. Now PPC companies are targeting to establish connections with the users and customers. So, more purchases can be easily made since everyone uses Facebook and other social media sites also.

PPC has changed the way of shopping worldwide. You can now click on an ad and reach the product of interest inside a shop where every detail is present. Mobile gadgets like back covers and headphones are few common examples of how customers are buying currently through Pay Per Click advertisements on Instagram and Facebook.

Are you shocked or excited about these updates? If you are a business owner then tell us about the features you will be looking for to enhance your selling rate.