The question of how technology has elevated the game of golf is an interesting one. There’s no denying that the advances in technology have brought to light things that golfers of years gone by never knew would become an everyday part of the sport. But how exactly has it done so? 

From manufacturing to betting on your favorite player, technology has made every aspect of the game faster, more streamlined, and much more convenient. 

Artificial intelligence is an integral part of designing golf clubs now. Analysis tools are a necessity for progress. Big data helps the industry keep on top of things. 

Despite the enormous advances in sports technology in recent years, it’s only set to get more interesting as we go! Here’s how technology has elevated the game of golf to where it is today. 

Improvement Made Easy 

Training aids like golf simulators and launch monitors have seen many technological advancements over the years. 

These advancements have helped golfers increase their swing speed by up to four miles per hour in a single season, leading to a drop in their handicap. 

You can set these up in your own home if you have enough space. Alternatively, you can use the on-site simulators at the golf club or your nearest indoor golfing facility. 

Whether you choose to use a fully-featured golf simulator, a swing analyzer, or a launch monitor, you’ll be getting access to thousands of data points on your golf swing. 

The data will help you hit the correct positions in your swing. You’ll be able to see information such as what the launch angle was of every shot you made, ball distance and carry club path, and smash factor. 

It will then provide suggestions on how you can improve your game by making slight adjustments, like which club to use and how far to hit each shot. 

These kinds of training aids can help stop you from coming too far from the inside or flipping and dragging the club through the ball. 

You may only need a minor adjustment to help improve your swing and drop your handicap. But technology has made it vastly easier to spot mistakes and improve your game early on. 

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Movement Analysis & Feedback 

If you want to improve your golf game, then you need to improve your swing. An improved swing will reduce the risk of injury, but it also means that you’ll have more control, more consistency, and you’ll get more distance. 

While you can download a swing analyzer app to use on your phone, there are more comprehensive systems that you can set up in your home. The high-quality cameras included with these systems can offer up to 226 frames per second (fps). 

The cameras will capture your movement in real-time, and you can use this video to do a side-by-side comparison, watch your swing in slow-motion, or even go through the video frame-by-frame. 

All information regarding each swing you make will be displayed on the screen. This includes your swing tempo, backswing and downswing time, face angle, club path, attack angle, and estimated carry distance. 

You can send the video analysis to your coach so they can provide feedback or you can scrutinize the data yourself. 

The swing analyzer will highlight key areas for improvement to help you improve and develop better consistency. As your swing improves, you’ll be able to see these stats change for the better. 

Improved Equipment 

The only thing that should change for each shot you make is the club that you’re using and the distance you’re hitting! Your golf swing should be the most consistent motion from the start of your round to the end. 

This is why golf club manufacturers have started using artificial intelligence and machine learning to design equipment. 

Modern golf clubs are lighter and made from more durable materials while being more aerodynamic. Golfers can expect their clubs to launch the ball further while delivering more power on every shot. 

The advancements in technology allow golfers to make minuscule changes to things like the clubface angle, which can minimize your swing flaws! 

For example, if you tend to hook, a swing analyzer would suggest that you have a severe inside-out club path, but it could also be that your club is closed to that path. 

By making a few minor adjustments to either open the clubface or move the weight to the side of the club, you could find your shots a few yards to the right centerline. But that being said, opening the clubface reduces loft and it could possibly add some spin. 

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The biggest benefit of modern, adjustable clubs is that they’re a bit more forgiving and are a great tool for players who are working on improving their overall game. 

Whether you’re using a putter or an iron, a lot of technology has gone into designing the perfect clubface, angle, and weight distribution. 

Game Tracking Apps 

There are some versatile and intelligent tracking apps out there that will use your data to learn how you like to play your round of golf. 

Smartphones and wearables work seamlessly with these apps and provide you with every minute detail of your game, like driving accuracy and how many shots you make per round. 

Depending on the type of tracking app you’re using, it may also provide suggestions on which club to use when and offer shot suggestions. 

You’ll also be able to get an overview of the hole you’re playing on these apps, which indicate things such as doglegs, blind shots, and hazards. The app can even let you view the distance to the center and back of the green. 


Golf and tech go hand in hand these days. The strategic aspect of golf makes it the perfect match for technology! It’s less about power and more about nuance. Less about strength and more about precision. 

But of course, tech can give you a boost on the power and strength side too. If you use it correctly, there’s really no aspect of your golf game that you can’t improve using the latest, greatest technology! 

It’s easy to see how technology has elevated the game of golf when you consider the amazing new innovations that are still coming out every day. 

What does the future hold for the golfing world? It’s hard to tell exactly, but we have no doubt it’s only going to get more exciting from here! 

About the Author

Jordan Fuller has been golfing for decades and has seen first-hand the impact of tech on the game. When he’s not on the course or mentoring young golfers, he’s researching and writing for his website, Golf Influence