We are all witnessing globalization; the market in many areas can even be called oversaturated. And at the slightest disturbance of the delicate balance, for example, in the case of a strong competitor appearing on the market or during the next economic crisis, many companies leave the market. There are many different circumstances that accompany such setbacks.                                                           

The reason in all these cases is the same – the company cannot sell its goods.

And here, work on motivating potential customers to purchase is very important. In the domestic market, most companies operate on the principle of a “street stall.” Those. the buyer accidentally saw the product he needed on the window and bought it. And if you didn’t see and didn’t notice, then I passed without buying.

Here I will not talk about giants such as Coca-Cola or Apple. They’re just fine with marketing. The local manufacturing companies mostly face this situation such as manufacturers of housing cleaning products, food, clothing. Distributors and wholesale suppliers (intermediary companies) often go through this common situation. Hence, now they are forced to think about web marketing company.

To make a company run in profit one has to sell goods worth potential buyers. The buyers who find your manufactured products come from web marketing. Marketing helps in motivating the customers and redirect them to your business using web advertisements.

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However, many business leaders are aware of the need for marketing on an intuitive level. As a result, they decide to hire a marketer. But they do not understand what to demand from a marketer and what actions are needed to motivate customers. Here the following message is more often triggered:

“We want to be a modern company. What do we lack for this? Need a marketer!”

With creative ideas an advertiser can market the products better than a non-professional. The kind of experience with problem solving skills he can organize the process quickly and efficiently.

And if, to work with creative people, they also hire a creative person, also a young person (which in itself implies a lack of extensive experience in managing the team), it is not possible to build quality marketing.

It is important to know: a marketer is not a creative professional.

He needs to be guided in the right direction to solve the problem of user reachability using various web marketing techniques like Email marketing, Content marketing, Social Media Marketing, Website analysis for speed and broken links etc.

But all this is disorganized and irregular. There is no general strategy for work, there is no general idea in all these actions. Specialists are constantly loaded with some momentary and diverse tasks, which in many cases can be perfectly performed by any sales person or secretary. And the knowledge and skills of a marketer as a specialist remain unclaimed.

As a result, companies have a high turnover of marketers. I have seen companies where, for half a year, 2 or 3 people were replaced in this position.

Another common problem is that marketers in many cases do not know what they are selling. A man sits in an office, does not happen at work. Constant workload with diverse current actions leaves no time and desire to study the product, read the documentation, gain knowledge about the advantages, disadvantages, features of what the company sells.

At the same time, it is the marketer who becomes the intermediary between the company and copywriters. As a result, the marketer becomes simply a “transmission link” and a “jack of all trades” in a certain area of ​​the company’s activities.