Have you observed this device which is used to check your body temperature when you have gone out to a supermarket to buy your needs during the lockdown? Yes, that device is called a “thermal scanner”. These devices basically display thermal heat in terms of visible light and they can also be termed as “fever detectors”.

These devices were first used in Wuhan, the first epicentre of the COVID-19 pandemic after it was discovered that the thermal scanner are capable of detecting coronavirus accurately based on the abnormal rise in the body temperature.

As the virus started to spread abroad especially in southwest Europe and the United States the demand and the sales have kept growing with these devices now being used constantly in more than 180 countries as of 25th of May.

The thermal scanners are being used at airports, supermarkets, malls and other public places on a daily basis and ever since the use of these thermal scanners was made compulsory in various transportation industries in almost the entire world, the thermal scanner manufacturing industry has experienced a Revolution.

But have you ever wondered about the mechanism involved in these devices? Well.. basically these thermal cameras capture heat emitted by objects just like regular cameras capture light. Hotter objects look brighter to a thermal scanner. The sensitive cameras are accurate to within one-tenth of a degree Fahrenheit.

The non-invasive scanners are safe and they do not involve radiation. If a person appears to have a high temperature after being scanned by a thermal scanner, the health authorities conduct a 2019-nCoV screening. But some asymptomatic infections of the coronavirus may not have a fever which is mainly a reason why people are advised to self-isolate themselves for an incubation period of 14 days after travelling inter-states within a country or the people who have travelled internationally in the past few months.


As we now know how the thermal scanning works and why they are being used; let us now move on to the main theme of the article: what are the applications of the thermal scanners?

Police Force:

As we have already discussed enough regarding the health gains of the thermal scanners, let’s talk about the applications in the police department. These devices play a major role in surveillance in the police department as they can be used to uncover the hiding burglars or even follow someone who is escaping from a crime scene.


Many illegal drugs emit an immense amount of heat when they are being manufactured. Thermal scanners are used to spot the buildings which are releasing the abnormal amount of heat which leads to suspicion which would help the task force to bust the criminals.

Gas-leak Detection:

In the past, there have been many such gas leaks leading to tragedies and claiming hundreds of lives and the post-effects of those Gas-leaks stays on for generations. In order to prevent such tragedies, thermal scanners are used to detect certain gases at industrial sites or around pipelines.

Health Care:

It’s a well-known fact by now that the thermal scanners are used to detect fever caused by SARS, Bird-flu and COVID –19 during the global outbreaks. Health care is one of the major reasons why these thermal scanners are produced on such a high scale. We can quickly and accurately check the temperatures of a huge number of people in a very short span of time preventing the spread of the disease at the public places.

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Traffic Control:

Thermal cameras don’t require visible light to operate which provides a huge advantage in road traffic surveillance which increases the level of road safety as these thermal scanners also can see people beyond the reach of headlights of the vehicles or streetlights.

Electrical Inspection: 

As the Thermal scanners mainly measure temperature it is obvious to say that these scanners can be used in various power-related aspects. As the thermal scanners help us to detect the rise in temperature of impending damage before the actual damage takes place. This helps us to detect the potential damage and prevent it before it occurs.

Leak Detection:

Apart from the gas-leak in the manufacturing factories, thermal scanners can be used to detect various other types of leaks like something which is as common as a water leak. It might seem obvious to us when we try to find out the source of water leak but it is not always the case. These thermal scanners can be used to effectively detect the source of the leak which can of great help to prevent further damage.

Infrared thermometers are the ideal instruments to measure very hot objects, components with electrical or voltage load, as well as objects difficult to access. infrared thermometers are widely used in hospitals and many other places.Becasue in these days of Corona threat everyone has to be checked for the fever so in this regard we have to check everyones body temperature.In this regard Infrared Thermometer are widely sold and in comparision Infrared Thermometer are cheaper than Thermal Scanner.