TD Ameritrade app is one of the biggest online brokers and is helpful for beginner investors to start trading. Its widespread services are constructed for various social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. You can use the essential website or the mobile application of the software to start trading. Besides, the application offers multiple platforms designed for different levels of expertise. Reading this post on the application until the end can help you to know the pros and cons of the TD Ameritrade app before trading on it. Let’s start!

Who Can Install The Ameritrade Application? 

TD Ameritrade is one of the U.S.’s biggest online traders, so it has several outlets for various levels of expertise. As their abilities expand, the comprehensive educational offerings help new investors become more confident and enable them to pursue additional asset classes. The thinkorswim platform provides all the data, graphs, and resources needed to identify market opportunities for active investors and traders. It can be a little daunting to have the sheer number of instruments and analysis available through TD Ameritrade.


Advantages Of Ameritrade Application

The primary advantages of the Ameritrade application are stated in the below-given list: 

  • TD Ameritrade optimized its conventional website with a dashboard for mobile browsers where consumers can view account data, balances, balance history, positions, news, and more quickly. The well-built mobile apps are designed to offer an easy one-page experience to consumers where they can check in on the markets and their accounts easily.
  • The toolset of the thinkorswim downloadable platform was mainly copied over to the internet. That means customers can trade equities, stocks, futures, futures options, and forex on the web using its powerful analytical tools and real-time streaming data. TD Ameritrade made the platform available in both traditional and simplified Chinese in order to reflect its increasing footprint in Asia.
  • The broker provides in-person education at more than 280 offices as well as several training paths available on its website and mobile applications, taking advantage of the physical locations TD Ameritrade acquired when it bought Scottrade several years ago. Moreover, in addition to on-demand content, the TD Ameritrade Network offers nine hours of live programming.
  • Streaming real-time data on the website, thinkorswim, and mobile apps is unlimited.
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Advantages of Ameritrade App

Limitations Of The Application

The primary limitations of the Ameritrade trading application are described in the below-given list:

  • To use preferred instruments, consumers may have to use different platforms. On thinkorswim, option-specific resources abound, but fundamental equity analysis and fixed income tools are still accessible only on the website. This is a common problem that major brokers with multiple channels share.
  • Customers of TD Ameritrade can select from a wide variety of account forms, which should be a benefit. However, for new investors who are unaware of what they say, it may lead to uncertainty. There should be more support available for customers during the setup process. It ensures that the customers start with the correct form of account.
  • Trades in over-the-counter (penny stock) are subject to a $6.95 fee per trade. 
  • When clients take steps to transfer cash into money market funds, they get a small interest rate on uninvested cash (0.01–0.05 percent).
Limitations of Ameritrade application

Usability Of The Ameritrade Application

TD Ameritrade is trying to make getting started easy, but in this regard, the scope of its offerings works against it. New clients can open an account on the website or mobile apps and finance it. However, the tricky part is choosing the right form of account, as TD Ameritrade has a lot to choose from. Once you have the correct account form, it is quick and easy to navigate the “know your customer” process that all SEC-registered brokers need.

The navigation is highly dependent on the platform of your choice once the setup is complete. Since the most recent remodel, the interface is easy and simple to follow on the website. A customizable “dock” is available to view account information, news, and data from the economic calendar. On each tab, the “snap ticket” displays, making it easy to enter a fast market or limit order.

Usability Of Ameritrade Application

Trade Experience On Ameritrade

User-experience can play a vital role in the success of an application. Ameritrade app offers a great user experience both on web and mobile versions.

Trade Experience On Web

Using well-organized two-level menus on the website means working your way from an idea to placing a trade. At the bottom of any screen, there is a trade ticket available. You can detach it and float for quick access in a separate window. In order to set up a trading environment, you can detach and float the charts. However, this is a more involving process than what is available through thinkorswim.

The order form (market, cap, etc.), order quantity, order side (buy or sell), and tax-lot methodology can be personalized on the web. You can also customize order templates for each asset class in thinkorswim so that you can access multi-order strategies with a single click. On all platforms, you can stage orders for a later entry.

Trade Experience On Mobile

For active traders and investors alike, the thinkorswim mobile app has comprehensive features. The workflow is intuitive and efficient for options, stocks, and futures. For most trading purposes, you’ll find plenty of bells and whistles that make the mobile app a full solution, including streaming real-time data and the ability to trade from charts. The standard mobile platform is almost similar to the website in functionality, so it’s a simple change.

What Can You Trade? 

On all online sites and thinkorswim, as well as on smartphone applications, TD Ameritrade customers can exchange a wide variety of services. TD Ameritrade app does not permit Cryptocurrency trading. However, you can trade CME Bitcoin futures. It is still not available to open a position with fractional shares. It provides long and short stocks, shares, mutual funds, options for futures, and much more.


TD Ameritrade has entered the zero-fee race, but it has not embraced it as fully as some of its key rivals. The broker is, for the most part, in line with the industry, however. TD Ameritrade pays no commission for online equity or ETF transactions.

Final Words!!

This post elaborates on several important aspects of the Ameritrade app you need to know before start trading on it. Navigating through our blog section can help you to get more intuitive posts on finance and trading. Stay connected!