Class 8 is very significant in a student’s life as it sets the foundation for the higher studies ahead. Most of the concepts and topics introduced in a subject during UP Board Class 8 is discussed more in-depth in higher classes. Hence, one of the best ways to prepare for the final exam and higher classes is to master the subjects very thoroughly. Even a student of average intelligence who studies hard will be able to score well in the exams.

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Best Way To Approach Exams

  • Organise studies on the basis of the exam date-sheet. Be well prepared with a required focus on the subject that needs more attention
  • Never cram anything in the last minute. Always study the subjects thoroughly during the academic year and keep time for revision
  • Prepare the revision notes highlighting the main points with diagrams and flowcharts. Read up before the exams to revise properly
  • Practice old question papers and sample papers to get a proper idea about the exam pattern, marking scheme and so on
  • Know how to time the exams and write accurate answers most efficiently within the stipulated time for the questions asked

Score Well In Subjects

Now, apart from following these tips, one of the best ways to score well in the exams is to practice with the help of textbooks and other study materials. Major subjects such as Maths, Science and Social Science require hard work, commitment and practice to score high marks. Hence, the obvious best method to crack the subject and get practise is to solve previous year papers and sample papers along with subject wise UP Board Class 8 Solutions.

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UP Board Solutions for Class 8 Maths

Maths is a subject that involves plotting of Graphs, solving as many linear equations, Geometry concepts, and the formulae. Mastering this requires proper understanding of the concepts and Class 8 Solutions for Mathematics help students to practice. Solving the solutions will also help the students to clear any doubts they may have regarding the subject. Solve regularly and learn how to answer the problems most effectively and within a stipulated time period.

UP Board Class 8 Solutions for Science


By solving the Class 8 Science solutions, students get acquainted with the easiest method to answer the questions. Science is a subject that is full of diagrams. Students will have to explain well in order to answer the questions most effectively. Constant practice with the help of solutions helps the students to comprehend even the most difficult concepts more easily. Get the basic foundation for the subject by answering these solutions properly.

UP Board Class 8 Social Science Solutions

Social Science is a vast subject covering concepts from branches such as Economics, Civics, History, and Geography. Hence, the best way to study well is to solve the subject wise and topic wise questions covered in Class 8 Social Science solutions. This can act as the correct step in improving a student’s performance.