Is Shein banned in India? To know the full story, you need to navigate through this post until the conclusion. Shein is a famous fashion brand that was banned in India in June 2020. You may find various reasons behind this ban. Some people think that privacy concerns are the main reason behind this ban. Besides, some believe it as a threat to Indian security and integrity. However, there is still an ambiguity related to the ban and if it was permanent or temporary? Read this post until the end to understand everything in detail. 

Shien: An Overview

Shein is one of the most well-known fast-fashion retailers, catering to fashion lovers all over the world. Although this $15 billion corporation is based in China, it ships to more than 220 countries and territories worldwide. This company is well-known for its inexpensive apparel. It has been in existence for a little more than a decade and has gained immense popularity among the customers. 

Shein Logo

Shein’s unique business approach is learning for many fashion brands who want to grow in the fast-fashion industry. It mainly focuses on women’s clothing and accessories, but it also sells children’s clothing, men’s clothing, home decor, and other miscellaneous items. The brand was founded with the goal of making fashion more accessible to everyone by providing affordable apparel. 

The Story Behind The Ban

Now we know about this Chinese fashion brand. However, the answer to the question “is Shein banned in India” is still pending. We have reached the section where we will discuss everything in detail. June 2020 was the time of the application ban. It was the time when a lot of the border tension was going on between India and China. The ban followed this tension and Indian Authorities banned 59 Chinese applications, including Shein. 

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Shein Ban Reason

In the first place, the concerned ministry issued a “show reason” notice. In the event of not getting satisfactory answers, it banned all the applications permanently. These applications were also considered to be a threat to the privacy and security of the users, and some of them were suspected to be spyware. Since it was a matter of national security and integrity, the apps were banned for a lifetime. It was encouraging for the soldiers fighting on the borders that their struggle had been noticed by the government. 

Was The Shien Ban Permanent? 

The spread of the news about Shein coming back to India made the people rush to the Internet and search the reality. But the truth is that the ban is still persistent in India. However, it is making a comeback through the Amazon marketplace. It will be launching in India as a seller for Amazon. 

PUBG is a classic example of returning back to the Indian market. Although PUBG is a Korean company, its link with the China-made it banned from India. At present, it has already made its way to the Indian market through Amazon. Earlier, it wasn’t releasing any official statement. Its comeback will enable the buyers to get access to the latest fashion at cheaper rates for which the brand is popular. 

Other Controversies Related To The Brand

Now that we have the answer for “is Shein banned in India,” you also need to know that it is not the only controversy related to this fashion brand. Ban in India was a matter of national security, and there are some diplomatic strategies are also in it. However, Shein had several controversies, each of its own kinds. 


1: Selling Swastika Necklace

The Swastika is a holy sign for Hindus and is also a symbol of a good luck charm. Yet, when the fashion brand started selling the metal pendants having the Swastika design, it had to face a lot of criticism and backlash from buyers around the world. This controversy was because people started relating it with the Nazi’s sign, which can definitely be insensitive for a brand to promote in its products. 

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Shein removed this product from the sites, yet, many pieces were sold, and people already captured the screenshot of the product listed on its site. Shein later explained that it is a positive sign of Hinduism and Buddhism and has nothing to do with the Nazis. 

2: Selling Prayer Mats As Decorative Rugs

The next considerable controversy that came into the limelight was selling the Muslim prayer mats as decorative rugs. These rugs have the pictures of the Muslim sacred things and places, such as Kaaba, Mosque, and others. Muslim community found it very offensive and disrespectful. When things became more heated, it removed these controversial products from the site. However, the community was also expecting an apology, which was missing in the series of events. 

3: Ambiguous Environment And Labor Policies

Shein has gained its reputation as a fast-fashion retailer. It offers trendy clothes at the most affordable rates. However, it has failed to explain the measures takes to reduce the environmental burden and labor policies, which gives it the freedom to deliver the products at cheaper rates. Besides, it has not revealed its child labor policies, which raises a question on its ethical values. 

4: Racist Phone Case

Shein once again came into the limelight for the wrong reason. This time it was for selling a phone case, which depicts a handcuffed black person outlined in chalk. This incident has attracted hatred from the black community. Furthermore, the fashion brand had no permission from the original artist who made it in 2014. The spread of this screenshot was the main cause behind the whole controversy. 


Reading this post can help you find your answer to “is Shein banned in India” and explains all the related aspects in detail. Besides, it also explains the controversial past of this fast fashion company that kept haunted it from times. However, the return of the fashion brand in India as the Amazon seller. It is good news for many customers, especially girls who are highly dependent on this fashion brand for their wardrobe collection. If you liked this post, visit our blog section and navigate through your favorite fashion blogs.