During the first quarter of 2020, Facebook reported over 1.73 billion daily active users (DAU). – According to data from Statista.com.Facebook is very advantageous in terms of the number of users, but in the context of increasing reach and advertising costs, how can we make our products and posts visible to more people through this platform?

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What exactly does Facebook want?

Facebook want

First, let’s discuss what exactly Facebook wants? On the one hand, FB believes that the main task of the platform is to help people connect with each other, hoping to increase the proportion of relatives and friends, reduce the content of brand providers, return to the nature of the community, and have a better experience for users.

On the other hand, the information on FB is too much to be fully absorbed. Facebook also filters out information that may be less relevant to the user through algorithms. In this regard, Twitter’s method is to display all of it on the graffiti wall. Therefore, in terms of social media marketing, brand owners still have to improve and optimize the content of their posts.

So what should we do when the Facebook reach rate is getting lower and lower?

Ways to increase Facebook Engagement

While the Facebook reach rate continues to decline, there are still many Facebook pages and groups with highly adherent fans. Under such an environment, many pages and groups have grown against the trend. How do these Facebook pages and groups do? Below we have sorted out several ways to increase the reach of Facebook:

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1. Attractive visual content

Engaging content should be one of the most important actors to get more reaches and stay longer on your Facebook page. If you don’t know how to make an appealing visual image for your Facebook post, take a look at the numerous Facebook post templates in DesignCap, an easy to use graphic maker online. You will be inspired. You can even make a quick and appealing Facebook post use this tool within a few seconds. Interesting content also makes people willing to share it with their own graffiti wall.    

2. Effective interaction

Effective interaction includes post likes, comments, views, and shares. In the management of the community, it is actually talking to people. We live a serious life every day. At this time, the content of the Facebook post may be the source of vitality for the fans for a day, so interesting and fun interactions can become your post’s style.

Voting posts, letting fans answer questions and even letting fans share their experience are all good ways for effective interaction. Replying to messages can also increase a lot of Facebook reach. 

Social proof (likes, comments, shares and etc.) is essential factor for not only your post reach but also for the ad reach as well. If you want to know more, click here to learn how to keep social proof on facebook ads.

3. Share to homogeneous groups 

Many people are enjoying FB groups as they gather a group of people with the same interests. If you share the post in this type of group, the post will quickly get more views from more interested people. Thus it could increase the Facebook post reach finally.       

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What you should do is to find such Facebook groups. And spread good posts in the groups to get more fans of the same interest. For example, scattering a photo editing app in a graphic making group will have a good reach.   

4. Catch Facebook current affairs boom

The most commonly used skill in increasing Facebook reach is “follow the trend.” You can post the most resonant topics of current affairs or the hottest thing. At this time, if your brand products can also be mentioned in this trend cleverly. With the wave of the craze, everyone’s enthusiasm and love for the products will increase relatively.

However, not all brands can follow the trend. If the topic is too far away from the brand or insists on following the trend, it will be counterproductive. If you want to watch community discussion trends, you can check the new popular keywords or news through Google Trend.


With the continually adjusting algorithm on FB, the work of marketers is increasing. Marketers need to adjust the content continuously according to the changing algorithm, but finally, return to the post content. Good content with practical marketing ideas won’t be buried anytime.

There are quite a lot of fan pages that seem to be able to maintain the interaction rate to get the highest reaches. It is quite possible that it is because there are advertisements for each post. It is actually a point that Facebook page marketers can take a look into when facing the algorithm. Learn to make good use of advertising and increase the natural diffusion rate with a paid diffusion rate.