If you have queries on how to become a DTDC franchise, then here is an all-include post for you. DTDC provides enterprising individuals with an opportunity to join a team of franchisees in different locations of the country. There are different types of franchise programs that DTDC offers to the people who are willing to get it. The main three franchises are Model, Enterprise, and Delivery. You will get to know about these franchises in detail by reading this post until the end. Furthermore, you can also learn how to become an authorized DTDC franchise by reading the full post. Let’s explore!

An Overview On The Franchise

Since its inception, DTDC has always emphasized the development of franchises, and that remains its biggest strength to date. In its journey spanning three decades, the management has worked with firm belief on principles of transparency and honest business ethics to drive consistent growth of its franchisees. Its values have laid the foundation of its collaborative success with franchisees. DTDC feels proud of the exemplary bond of trust that it shares with them.

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Types Of Franchise

The different types of franchise opportunities DTDC offers are listed below:

Model Franchise

Model Franchisees are in charge of increasing the company and servicing the customers in a specific zip code. Within their territories, these Franchisees take bookings and produce.

Enterprise Franchise

These Franchisees will be assigned to conduct business/pick-ups for corporate or enterprise clients.

Delivery Franchise

A distribution Franchisee is solely based on collecting FDM from the branch and distributing consignments to customers in the pin code to which it has been assigned. These Franchisees will not be responsible for bookings.

Background & History

DTDC has always been a front-runner in the journey to “change the rules of the game” in the industry, from its founding in 1990 with the ground-breaking franchise model to the victorious journey of 31 glorious years. Ordinary people with minimal resources have become prosperous entrepreneurs thanks to DTDC.

Their low-cost franchise system aligned them with DTDC, which helped them meet their money, technology, equipment, and information needs. This sparked their entrepreneurial spirit and made DTDC a household name.

DTDC now has over 12000 active franchisees (channel partners) around the country, many of whom have been studied as case studies at different business schools around the world.


Mr. Subhasish Chakraborty, DTDC’s Founder, Chairman, and Managing Director, pioneered the organization’s unique franchise-based business model, which has allowed the organization’s formidable scope in India while also fostering entrepreneurship opportunities for its partners.

The franchisee system helps new businesses get off the ground with little money and helps them generate revenue and benefit for themselves and DTDC.


In keeping with its founding principles, DTDC’s franchisee model has been designed to meet the needs of a strong pan-India presence and the highest standards of client support.

DTDC has a global presence through branches, joint ventures, representative offices, and franchisees.

A strong network and technical backbone are available to franchisees. DTDC currently has more than 570+ operating centers, 1550+ GPS-connected vehicles, 12+ automated hubs with dynamic sorting, and >1 Mn. Sq. ft. warehousing space. It provides the infrastructure for deliveries to more than 11400 pin codes across India, as well as access to a network that enables customers to enter over 220 locations.

Success Stories

DTDC has built a reputation as a business that ‘Builds Life’ by providing work opportunities for thousands of people as well as entrepreneurship opportunities for many more. Today, DTDC franchisees are a diverse group of first-time entrepreneurs and experienced professionals who have joined it on its entrepreneurial journey.

On the one hand, legends about exceptional achievements of our veteran franchisees like Shiv Sharma, Sunil Kattimani, Sumanth Kumar, Avinash Kamble, Nilesh Biyani, Manjunath Shetty, Sukanta Biswas, and Pranav Bhattacharya (to name a few) prevail, while the company is currently charting new success stories of a new generation of bright youngsters who have joined the company in the recent past.

Training and Development

A franchisee is given a summary of all aspects of running a franchise as soon as he or she enters.

Via its branch offices, DTDC also provides training to the franchisee’s field staff on a range of operational topics. It uses one-on-one engagement, workshops, and online modules, periodic product training, and knowledge sharing are encouraged. Besides, franchisees can also access the latest information through the franchisee portal.

DTDC believes in continuous training and development throughout the life cycle of the franchisee (Channel Partner).

Roles And Responsibilities Of The Franchise Advisory Board

Although members of the Franchisee Advisory Board (FAB) are responsible for the branch/region from which they work, members of the National Franchisee Board (NFAB) have a wider responsibility that is not limited to their branch or region of service. The FABs are routinely and closely supervised at all levels after being selected through a rigorous process that includes both qualitative and quantitative criteria.

The company is constantly working to develop their skill sets, and better prepare them to carry on the Brand DTDC legacy. A FAB member is appointed for a two-year term starting on the date of their onboarding as a FAB member. The following is a list of the most important responsibilities:

  • It helps new franchisees onboard the path of growth.
  • Besides, it is also responsible for branding and hygiene. It works to create brand awareness and maintain basic hygiene.
  • Furthermore, it ensures that there is no communication gap between the franchisees/customers and the management.
  • Market Research is also one of its main responsibilities. It has to study market trends and competitor’s strategies and help the management design company policies/strategies.
  • Additionally, the incubation of fresh ideas is also an important task. For this, it collects and nurtures fresh ideas for the betterment of services.
  • Sales Growth and Service Excellence- Make DTDC the best service, providing the company with a focus on profitability.

What Do I Need To Get DTDC Franchise?

To get a DTDC Franchise, you need to have a few important things as stated in the below-given list:

Investment for Setup

In the first place, you need to have the investment money for different categories:

  • For the DTDC franchise, A category cities get an investment of up to 1.5 lac.
  • B category cities get an investment of up to one lac.
  • Investment of Rs. 50,000 for C category cities.

Requirement for Setup

If you have the required investment money, you will need to fulfill the requirement for setup:

  • You need to have the office and that too on the ground floor.
  • For a franchise in A category city, there should be at least four employees.
  • There should be at least three employees in an office in B category city.
  • There should be at least two employees in a franchise in C category city.

Royalty Fees

In the end, ten percent of the turnover goes to the franchise as royalty fees.

Important Documents To Obtain DTDC Franchise

To get the franchise, you need to have the following documents:

  • You need to have your security deposit and a demand draft for the establishment Fee.
  • Besides, you should have identity proof (Voter ID or Driver’s License).
  • Also, address proof that may include Ration Cards.
  • Landline Telephone Bill.
  • Furthermore, you will also need a Leave and License Agreement or Franchise Building Agreement.
  • Passbook and Bank Statement.
  • Letter of Reference along with an application form.


If you want to get the DTDC franchise, then reading this post can provide you with all the required information. Besides, you can also get to know about the franchise and its profit potential in detail. To get more posts related to business and investment, pay a visit to our blog section.


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