Search engine optimization or SEO is an effective strategy for a franchise to reach its intended audience and elevate traffic to their respective websites and storefronts alike. However, there’s a lot more that goes in the process of creating a franchise SEO strategy for multi-location businesses. And in this piece, we’ll discuss not only its importance to franchises and Social media brand management but how it can be utilized to reach a broader market online. Continue reading to find How Important Is Franchise SEO for Franchisees?

What exactly is a franchise SEO?

In a nutshell, a franchise SEO is a process wherein a web page is optimized to elevate its visibility online through location or area-based search results. While search engine optimization is commonly associated with ranking with terms, words, and phrases for products and services, this particular method is all about reaching prospective customers in search for these offerings within a region or city. 

The strategies commonly used differ for multiple locations primarily by the inclusion geographical keywords on the title headers, descriptions, and the actual content itself. From details to reviews and testimonials, the information listed will consider the location. After all, franchises have the advantage of working with an established and recognized brand

Importance of a franchise SEO

While franchises are generally built on established brands, they’re unlikely to reel in potential customers at a specific storefront if they’re unaware that it exists. And apart from generating online exposure and awareness, one of the greatest advantages of franchise SEO strategies is that it allows a franchise to reach out to its market and generate both leads and sales as a result. 

Essential strategies to improve search engine optimization for franchises 

Search engine optimization for franchises is – not unlike any other SEO method – a process that is always ongoing. But while the techniques are constantly evolving, there are a few established and proven strategies that can help a business achieve its goals in SERPs or search engine result pages. And listed below are just a few of these strategies.

  • List the location in a web mapping service. These days, the easiest and quickest way to find any storefront is by making use of a web mapping service. After all, it provides a number of options that can help users get accurate directions via GPS in no more than a few clicks. And by registering the location of the franchises through this service, it’ll be easier for customers to find the business.
  • Make use of geographic-based keywords on your content. An effective strategy to improve a franchise’s visibility in search results is to always include geographic-based keywords on the web page. Most users make use of locations as keywords when they search, after all. And through their inclusion on title tags, headings, and the body, it’ll allow a business to elevate its visibility in the popular search engines.
  • Choose the right type of website. When it comes to franchises, it’s a general rule of thumb to have all locations listed on the website. Having the contact details like a phone number of an interactive map will not only make the user experience much better. But it’ll help them get to their storefront of choice much quicker than they would have otherwise. 
  • Consistency in branding is key. One common pitfall that many franchises inexperienced with search engine optimization make is tackling SEO is veering away from branding that’s been established. The benefit of a franchise is its recognizability, after all. And a business that doesn’t make use of this advantage will only end up confusing its target audience. But by remaining consistent across all fronts, the company can transform website visitors into leads and paying customers with ease.
  • Encourage reviews. Internet reviews are much more important than people give them credit for. In actuality, at least eighty percent of users’ trust, if not rely on customer insight as much as they do recommendations from family and friends. And because these reviews can present consumers with the opportunity to learn more about the offerings and locations of the franchises, it’ll elevate them in rank even more.
  • Area-specific schemas can go a long way for franchise locations. Schema markups, also known as structured data, can improve an SEO plan strategy by providing the chosen search engine with a more accurate and definitive answer on a page’s content. The search engine can then utilize the information much easier. And, in turn, rank the website much more appropriately and improve its overall rankings. It is well-worth noting that the integration of structured data requires a little bit of technical know-how, and it’ll pay to secure the services of experts in search engine optimization that is well-versed with schemas.
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The challenges of establish SEO for franchises 

Setting up search engine optimization for franchises is not without its fair share of challenges that have the potential to impede its success. And for businesses that are managing their own SEO strategies in-house, it is imperative to not only to understand the difficulties involved with the process, but how to overcome them too.

  • Content duplication. Original content is mandatory. After all, if there’s a considerable amount of content from a separate web page like another franchise, there’s a good chance that the existing SEO strategies will fail.
  • Outdated contact information. It’s not uncommon for businesses to overlook their contact information and forget to update it. However, this can have a negative effect on the business and frustrate customers instead. As such, it’s imperative that contact details are regularly updated.
  • Incorrect interlinking. Internal linking is a common SEO practice. However, if it’s used incorrectly or excessively, there’s a good chance that it can send negative signals and keep the web page from appearing on top of the search results.


The importance of franchise SEO to a franchise business can’t be overstated enough as it can help elevate its exposure to the right people and help users find the locations easily. And by making use of the correct strategies while avoiding the common traps and pitfalls of the method, a business will improve its chances of succeeding on its search engine optimization objectives.