Shopping from any random brands? Explore this list of the best clothing brands in India to shop from. Now, if you ask, why the best brands when you can get the suitable fashion from others. Well! Buying from the top brands not only ensures the quality of the products but also offers excellent value to the money that is spent against the exchange. There is an ocean of brands available on the Internet today, and they keep showing you eye-capturing clothes. However, when the final product arrives, you will notice a great difference. This is not the case with renowned brands. Read this post until the end to explore the best clothing brands in India. 

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Top Indian Clothing Brands List

Branded clothes not just represent the socio-economic status of a person in Indian society but are also seen as an indicator of prominence. However, choosing from a renowned brand can have its own set of advantages. Besides, you can choose from a wide assortment of clothes based on your specific needs. Below is the list of the best clothing brands in India; you can visit the store or shop online from: 

1: Allen Solly

Allen Solly is one of the most preferred Indian brands that cater to all age groups and sections. You can recognize this brand with the logo having a stag head. It offers clothing for mass-market at the most affordable rates. Besides, you can also get high-end fashion products based on your specific needs. The brand is highly admired for its cost-effectiveness. It is highly probable that you too have this brand of cloth arranged in your wardrobe. It has a comprehensive range of the clothing category that includes dressed for men, women, kids, and teenagers. Furthermore, you can shop online for the Allen Solly clothes and get them delivered to your address. 

Allen Solly

2: Provogue

The next name on the list is Provogue that doesn’t need any formal introduction. It is a popular clothing brand in India that cherishes a huge base of loyal customers. It is a Mumbai-based retail firm, which was launched for offering trendy and stylish menswear clothing. However, it offers a comprehensive catalog for both men’s and women’s fashion wear. Since its inception, it has won many prestigious fashion awards for offering an exquisite range of clothing to its costumes. If you want to introduce a new vibe to your wardrobe, then Provogue can be a safe bet for you. 

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3: Van Heusen

Fundamentally, Van Heusen is owned by PVH, but in India, it is owned and managed by Madura Fashion & Lifestyle. It is mainly known for formal clothing and fashion. You can buy from it for all your formal occasions and the clothes that work on casual occasions as well, such as job interviews, office, weddings, and several others. The fresh arrival section on its website can offer you the latest fashion clothes. In addition to its formal range for men and women, you can also explore the athleisure section, where you can find clothes for gymming, jogging, and other sports activities. 

Van Heusen

4: Mufti

Mufti is one of the best clothing brands in India that rolled out in 1998. It is mainly a menswear brand that came into being with a clear idea to break the monotony of conventional fashion and introduce alternative dressing solutions. It gained good popularity in its initial days and is one of the most preferred fashions brands today as well. You can navigate through the wide range of collections and get some out-of-the-box clothes to look cool and trendy. In addition to the uniform, it also provides some fashion accessories, such as footwear, mask, and several others. 


5: Park Avenue

Park Avenue has gained its major reputation in providing clothes for well-dressed gentlemen. However, you can choose from a wide array of clothes based on the latest treas and international fashion. It bagged the “Best Design Concept” award in 2015 for offering a range of non-conventional and enticing clothing. In addition to the dress, it also offers a wide range of perfume fragrances and deodorants. If you are trying to look for a particular product, you can go to the Product Finder section on its website and search for the product. The products are listed on Amazon, where you can buy them easily.

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Park Avenue

6: Wrangler 

Wrangler is an old American manufacturer of clothes that came into existence in 1947. It can offer an ocean of choices to pick the best. Besides, it is also known for providing the best quality clothes that are durable as well. Furthermore, it is also one of the most affordable brands where you can purchase lots of dresses and that too at cheaper rates. It has an eye-capturing collection of clothes for both men and women. You can visit its website and navigate through the categories of the apparel for yourself. It can give your wardrobe an International touch. 


7: Pepe Jeans

As the name itself indicates, Pepe Jeans offers a sturdy range of denim and casual jeans. Additionally, it also provides casual clothes, such as polo shirts, T-shirts, Capris, and several others. It has three major categories on its website, Women, Men, and Junior. Moreover, you can use the search icon on the website to find your preferred clothes. Along with the clothes, you can also look through its footwear and underwear section. It is one of the best clothing brands in India where you can get the most trendy and stylish dresses for yourself and your loved ones. 

Pepe Jeans

8: Numero Uno

Numero Uno means number one, and the clothes and accessories that it offers are of top-notch quality. You can get plenty of the varieties when it comes to a dress choice: the offered category covers, Jeans, t-shirts, jackets for men and women. Moreover, you can also look for its broad category of accessories, ranging from bags, belts, shoes, and more. 

Numero Uno

Final Words! 

This post elaborates on the best clothing brands in India that you can shop from. You can visit their physical store or navigate their product categories online. Also, you can search these brands on Amazon and Flipcart as well and place your orders with the utmost ease. If you liked this post, then visit our blog section, where there is more for you.